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Hamilton East Village Market

“Anything and everything a chap can unload…”

I kept this line in mind from disney’s bed knobs and broomsticks film as I wandered around the Hamilton East Village Market. There’s something about this market that really represents the Hamilton East identity from the bric a brac to local jam and soap. I really love the diverse range of markets that we have access to in Hamilton, because they are a really great way to support local and create a community.

There’s more information about it so you can make sure to visit next time it’s on. Anyone setting up a flat or new house or cafe absolutely needs to check out all the curiosities while for families you can pick up plants for a day gardening, American sweets, soaps and rows and rows of board games and books. Then after all your shopping is done you can relax with a coffee or hot chocolate at Mavis or Rocket espresso.

Basically this market can be a part of the perfect local cheap day out.

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Toto, We’re Not in Hamilton East Anymore!

To be honest,this is only half true. The iconic Mavis & Co is still in Hamilton East, but we certainly were not in Ham East when we walked into Mavis this week!

If you’ve managed to untangle our little riddle, you will have no doubt worked out that Mavis has indeed opened a second establishment across the bridge -and in the heart of the CBD.

We walked in and immediately loved it. The all-white colour scheme (the brainchild of owner, Jane), mixed with green and warm lightning here and there (not to mention the blustery weather outside) made it feel a little like Christmas -and we certainly weren’t complaining!


Mavis the Second is inconspicuously tucked away (as are all great cafes, right Milk and Honey?) on the ground floor of the beautiful red brick Wintec building, facing the wide-open plaza of the the new PwC building. Just while we’re on the topic of said plaza, we have to say: this is officially our new favourite public square in Hamilton! While Garden Place will always undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts, we’d love to see more events -maybe outdoor movies, markets or open mic nights -at the plaza on Anglesea. But we digress.

The menu at the new Mavis is short, but eclectic and reminiscent of another great Hamilton institution: Scott’s Epicurean (okonomiyaki, or Jamaican ceviche, anyone?). Regulars at Mavis’s Bridge Street premises will recognise a similar vein of fun and interesting combinations to try.


And, of course, who is Mavis without her Clarence? Word on the street is that this new iteration of Mavis will also be open in the evenings with a brand new after-4 menu. If the friendly service and delicious fare we received during the day is anything to go by, it’s a sure bet we’ll be returning after sundown!


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For The Love of Food

From streetfood to speciality bakeries, we’ve spent the summer eating our way across Hamilton. Scroll down for a little taster of some of our favourites.

Hamilton Nightmarkets














Girl On a Swing Cupcakes

Waikato Food and Wine Festival

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Can You Believe It’s One Year of #lovethetron?

The one where we break with tradition and add a bit of a ramble to our #lovethetron roundup

There were many points this past week where stared at our phone/tablet/computer screens in utter awe and surprise. The first time was on Monday night, on the eve of our first birthday. Earlier that day it had hit us that we would be turning a year old on the 26th of November -i.e. the next day. Somehow, amongst our collective busyness of work, travel, exams, non-fatal seasonal illnesses and so on, our first birthday had sneaked up on us and we hadn’t even realised!

And yet, just hours after we had tweeted as such, we were overwhelmed with kind messages of well-wishes and love from Hamiltonians all over the Twitterverse. The amazing Miss @georgie_pienz concocted this beautiful creation below, and organised an open-invite fĂȘte at Milk and Honey. Then the Waikato Times published this lovely piece by Paul Barlow, reflecting on a year of the #lovethetron movement. To everyone who read, tweeted, turned up at Milk and Honey, or was just generally happy this week: thank you!

Hamilton is a wonderful place, and it’s only getting better. Over the past year, we have seen many lovers of the Tron (Tronphiles?) come out of the woodwork and wholeheartedly declare their passion for the city (Hat tip: Hamilton Mafia). We have also seen many, many skeptics convert and fall in love with the place. From people and culture, to sport and nature to art and food -we have seen more sides to this city than we can count. We have seen people delight over uncovering new secrets of the city (especially places to eat cake), and we have seen people bond and make new friends over a shared love of the city. While we can’t take any credit for any of this, we feel so privileged that so many of you choose to share your stories, thoughts and photos with us. #lovethetron is your movement. Happy one year Hamilton!

End Ramble

So cool! We are in love with @chamfy’s awesome mashup of the Casabella Christmas Markets (and the fact that @jessmolina makes a cameo appearance in it).

Love the look: @chamfy snaps these two super stylish ladies at the Devereux & Villiger stall at the Casabella Markets.

@jessmolina snaps Santa heading for some Thai food at the Casabella Christmas Markets!

@jessmolina snaps Santa heading for some Thai food at the Casabella Christmas Markets!

@elliepenelope soaks in the atmosphere under New Zealand’s tallest Christmas tree!

The O'Brien boys enjoy Hamilton's nightmarkets with dad @DarkroomJesse

The O’Brien boys enjoy Hamilton’s nightmarkets with dad @DarkroomJesse

Magical: @tarasutherland captures Hamilton Zoo at sunrise.

Fierce: @waikatotimes posted Bruce Mercer’s amazing pic of Oz the tiger settling into Hamilton Zoo.

Oz isn’t the only superstar at Hamilton Zoo. @KyleeBeee makes new friends with these cute lemurs.

Corrugated Zoo: @webtaniwha wanders through Jeff Thompson’s incredible exhibit at @waikatomuseum.

Gorgeous! @BSMphotography enjoys dinner, comedy and music at Clarence St Theatre.

Claudelands never fails to amaze us. This beautiful picture of Carnival Night from @jess_vandy.

Claudelands at night: this from @BSMphotography.

Claudelands at night: this from @BSMphotography.

@tracercooper finds treasure on the banks of the Waikato River

@tracercooper finds treasure on the banks of the Waikato River

Pretty in Pink: @skepmum enjoys a homemade lemonade at the new Chim Choo Ree.

We are suckers for pics of food, and this snap of @mexiconz on Victoria Street, from @webtaniwha definitely had us wanting.

The Doctor confirms that we are indeed the City of the Future, by dropping by the Tron this week. Lucky @hornykitten was on scene to snap the Tardis door opening.

From the Tardis to the inner workings of cyberspace: @hornykitten wanders into Te Awa and is confronted with lifesize Pinterest boards!

So wonderful that in the middle of a growing city, @TrishCrouchley can still enjoy peace and greenery on this riverside bike trail.

Burst of Brights: @wellreadkitty enjoys the colours of summer at Hamilton Gardens

Pretty! @Annabel_HM goes for an after-school wander through Hamilton Gardens.

So sweet: @webtaniwha has coffee amongst the flower pots at @fresca_chat!

Location Location Location: @jess_vandy's hometown of Raglan  is only a stone's throw from Hamilton city.

Location Location Location: @jess_vandy’s hometown of Raglan is only a stone’s throw from Hamilton city.

Cowtown Wowtown: Ending on a cute note -we absolutely love this pic from @waikatotimes of this boy and his prized pet calf at the Waikato A&P Show!

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

Love love love. @flibertygibbety snaps Eno & Shida beautifying the Tron with gorgeous wall art.

@CreativeWaikato sends us another snap from Eno & Shida on Ward Lane. Stunner.

Food baby in the making: Dad-to-be @whiskeycully indulges at the nightmarkets.

No seriously…can you believe it’s Hamilton?! We sure can. We are nuts for the new MAC counter at @FarmersNZ and so was @webtaniwha it seems!

High praise: @Webtaniwha reckons the new @yoghurtstory at @centre_place is like the love child of House of G, TopShop and The Gap.

…we only hope he is meaning for his tastebuds!

Momentous: The Talented Mr Middleton @JMiddleton_imgs strikes again!

This gorgeous lady is our number 1 supporter and Queen of the #hamiltonmafia, so we absolutely had to send @missB_nz a #lovethetron tee.

…and @missB_nz certainly does not disappoint with this uber cool graphic of the Tron’s Twitterati !

@DarkroomJesse and his boys play ball on a beautiful Hamilton spring day.

Mr and Mrs Hamilton? In line with recent tradition, @chamfy takes a mandatory @CptHamilton2013 photo on her graduation day!

@hornykitten uncovers a hidden tribute from Hamilton to the late Princess Di. You learn something new about this city everyday!

With a gorgeous study spot like this from @danielfarrellnz, why wouldn’t you hit the books?!

@chamfy discovers the Green Grocer at Hamilton East.

Too cool. @nattybegood played the harmonica alongside The Southern Diplomats at the Atomic Festival.

@georgie_pienz checks out the quirky offerings at this year’s Fringe Festival!

Wherepho Art Thou? @JakeQuinn is pretty excited about the new Vietnamese place opening on Vic Street!

@webtaniwha dreams of Mr Milton.

Who needs gondolas when you can water ski right through Hamilton’s CBD? Awesome pic from @hornykitten!

Another reason to love the Tron in springtime: blue irises growing out side the @waikatotimes newsroom!

Fashionista @crikarika dreams up a a new wardrobe.

We love dads who are cool enough to take selfies. We love it even more when it’s dad-of-the-year @DarkroomJesse posing with his boy at Milk and Honey.

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 31st May!

The meerkats at Hamilton Zoo were feeling the cold, and yet still managed to be so cute! Thanks @waikatotimes

Brilliant colours of autumn in Hamilton from @Sports_Billy!

@gsrwrc spots a lightbox robot in the CBD!

Another lightbox robot from @gsrwrc.This one made us lol!

@whiskycully calls it edible art. So many colours at the Delicate Bakehouse on the north end of Victoria Street!

Electric ice creams! @chamfy sends us this neon caravan from the Hamilton Nightmarkets.

@hornykitten is in tart heaven at the Hamilton Nightmarkets!

@webtaniwha escapes the rain and cold at the chic and cosy Lido Cinema

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Look at the loot! The @MK1Comics stall at Armageddon.

Celeb-Spotting #2 (and it’s a triple-whammy!): The voice of Lisa Simpson @yeardleysmith hangs out at Armageddon with Mitch Pileggi from Supernatural and Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones!

Talented @cakeburger creates Adventure Time fanart at Armageddon! Amazeburger.

Celeb-Spotting #3: Seems these guys can’t get enough of Hamilton. @jonoandben are back in the Tron for a second week, and @HashtagRadioNZ was there to snap them!

@darkroomjesse makes friends with a roving Dalek at Armageddon!

Noms! @webtaniwha celebrates #HamiltonMafiaDay with decadent treats at Mavis & Co.

@_JennaMarie_ dines at delicious Domaine. We are very jealous!

More delicousness from @DonovansChoc, who takes the finest chocolate, made in Hamilton, to the Wellington food show. Yum!

@webtaniwha has coffee with a view and a social conscience at Milk & Honey

She may have missed #HamiltonMafiaDay, but she was still thinking of us while in sunny Raro: @georgie_pienz adds to the local wall art!

Closer to home, @angelacuming spots funky wall art near the Fairfield Bridge!

Celeb-Spotting #4: @DanCarter twitpics during practice at Waikato Stadium

Amazing sunset through the fog in Gordonton from @Dynelle

Mixing farming and fashion: We wonder if @VerdictComms has channelled Christian Louboutin with their red-soled Fieldays gumboots?

Meanwhile… the ring-tailed lemurs at Hamilton Zoo are soaking up the sunshine. Thanks @nzzooboy for sending this in!

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 18th February!

Delicious treats at the Food & Wine Festival, snapped by the newly-engaged @angelacuming.

Continuing with the food theme, @hornykitten spots some very pretty sushi plating.

Delicate teacups at Flutter Cafe had our hearts aflutter.

They may not be delicate, but the Warriors coming to town also had our hearts aflutter. @angelacuming snaps them on their way to dinner at Iguana.

The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival kicked off this week, and @tarasutherland was there to watch Snow White and The Pirates.

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