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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

A Midsummer Night’s Snow at Parachute! Beautiful, from @NZVic.

Winefest: @flibertygibbety heads to Mystery Creek for the Vineyard Tour on a beautiful Friday night.

It’s a Hamilton safari for @chamfy, hanging out with white rhinos at Hamilton Zoo!

@ZooWildMan's red panda friends are making us die of cuteness!

@ZooWildMan’s red panda friends are making us die of cuteness!

Fiji Baby? Or the next best thing: @kyleeBeee heads to the new Tropical Garden at Hamilton Gardens.

The Hanging Gardens of Hamilton. @teradar and @staceyolivernz are certainly impressed!

The Hanging Gardens of Hamilton. @teradar and @staceyolivernz are certainly impressed with the new Tropical Garden!

Every evening, at sunset, Hamilton magically transforms into a tropical paradise. But shh, it's our little secret, right @tarasutherland? ;)

Every evening, at sunset, Hamilton magically transforms into a tropical paradise. But shh, it’s our little secret, right @tarasutherland? 😉

Mazes and Dragons: @DarkroomJesse hangs out at the newly-opened Tudor Gardens.

We love that there are so many new gardens opening at the Hamilton Gardens. @DarkroomJesse hangs out at the newly-opened Tudor Gardens.

It’s a beautiful Hamilton summer for cricket, right @WWright360? We’re betting @blackcaps would agree!

Clash of the Warriors: The amazing summer of sport in Hamilton continues as @WiganWarriorsRL take on @NZWarriors at Waikato Stadium. This from @its_carene.

@tarasutherland gets into the league spirit at Waikato Stadium!

@tarasutherland gets into the league spirit at Waikato Stadium!

@amj_nz snaps the Bridge St Bridge illuminated at night.

We love #chamfyfoodporn from @chamfy, especially when it’s from Banh Mi Cafe, and when it comes with festive Chinese New Year pouches!

Croquettes and crockery: more deliciousness from @chamfy at the new Chim-Choo-Ree.

Noms! @its_carene has our tastebuds envious with pizza and cider at @HouseonHood!

Noms! @its_carene has our tastebuds envious with pizza and cider at @HouseonHood!

Look who dropped into Artspost to help rebuild Christchurch! Head on over and check out this and more new works.

Here's an old friend we haven't seen in a while. It's Captain Hamiltron, courtesy of the incredibly talented @JMiddleton_imgs.

Here’s an old friend we haven’t seen in a while. It’s Captain Hamiltron, courtesy of the incredibly talented @JMiddleton_imgs.

Dragons herald in the lunar new year, and @HamiltonWaikato was there to soak up the atmosphere!

Chinese New Years Revelling: @timmacindoe welcomes the Year of the Horse at Garden Place

The best thing about wandering past @centre_place on summer evenings is the wafting scent of jasmines. Love!

@puketotara celebrates World Wetlands Day at beautiful Waiwhakareke.

It's a beautiful #smalltownfest for @JessVandy at Raglan

It’s a beautiful #smalltownfest for @JessVandy at Raglan

Spotted by @AnnaJaneWilkins : an all-natural swimming spot tucked away in the Tron. Too pretty!

@WriteOnNZ goes for a wander around Hamilton's Lake Rotoroa and spots some quirky #HamiltonHousePorn

@WriteOnNZ goes for a wander around Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa and spots some quirky #HamiltonHousePorn

...and on the topic of quirky architectural features, @jessvandy spots wall art by Shida & Eno on Waitangi Day

…and on the topic of quirky architectural features, @jessvandy spots wall art by Shida & Eno on Waitangi Day

More #smalltownfest fun with @hello_im_megan at Te Pahu.

More #smalltownfest fun with @hello_im_megan at Te Pahu.

Best friends: @tarasutherland snaps an intimate moment between man and pitbull

Best friends: @tarasutherland snaps an intimate moment between man and pitbull

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Katie Rose Clausen: 44 Letters to London

Chapter 9 Hamilton Christmas Vignettes: The Artist

“Last December, my be-spectacled boy left me for six weeks to have adventures in England. It is, in reality, is only a short space of time but I don’t think my Christmas arrived until Bruce came back!

I spent all of December curled up in front of my computer talking to him on Skype, endlessly jealous of his day spent in London cafes and nights at punk shows in the city centre. I wrote 44 letters for every day he was away and put them into a little box for him to take, and open every morning. I spent my Christmas day counting down the days till his arrival and the start of my summer!

When he finally arrived, I had been waiting for two hours in Auckland Airport and soon as he saw me, he wrapped his long arms around me and lifted me right over the metre high barrier and swung me round and round (I think I even heard clapping and wolf whistles behind us).

Needless to say there were many smooches to come and Bruce is now, never ever ever allowed to leave for adventures without me again.

I think my Christmas started sometime around mid-January (the 14th to be exact)”

What is your Hamilton citizenship status?

I’ve never lived anywhere else and ever since I popped out in Waikato Hospital, I’ve been Hamiltonian. I’m learning to accept and cherish my home town and it’s quirky features. I’ve learnt to stop complaining about nothing happening around here and make it happen instead. Create the city you want to live in, be the band you want to hear and create the art you want to see!

Where do you currently call home?

I currently live with a little house with my family and two beautiful puppies and in my spare time, I’m at home illustrating or riding my bike, partaking in adventures and expeditions for coffee and Hazel Haye’s vegan brownies.

Will you be in Hamilton for Christmas?

I’ll be working Christmas eve and Boxing Day, so my plans to escape with my be-spectacled boy to Waihi were sadly cancelled and my Christmas holidays will unfortunately be spent in my bookstore, wishing ever so hopefully that the fluorescent lighting might give me that cute tan I’ve been dreaming of.

In 10 years’ time, you will look on 2013 as the year that you…

Conquered my nerves and spoke at Pechakucha, fell in love with Frida Kahlo, sewed my first dress, realised if I don’t start now I’ll never do it and decided to study fashion, had to much wine and accidentally rolled down a very step hill in Central Auckland, celebrated at famous Memorial Drive parties and had an amazing year filled with art, love, coffee and excitement.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Hopefully nice, but terribly indulgent. I’ve spent over half my money in expanding my shoe collection, drinking coffee from all my favourite places and buying pretty art magazines.

What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?

So many things are on my list to Santa! I’m hoping for at least three million trillion metres of pretty fabric to practise my sewing skills, Rookie Year Book Two and lots of vegan chocolate.

Hamilton’s best-kept Christmas secret is…

I feel like everyone has discovered my secret hiding places! This year I’ve fallen in love with Rocket Coffee, and I love going to their roastery tucked away on Barton street and Milk and Honey has always been my favourite place to visit for a romantic date! Frankton Village Organics is my favourite place to shop for food and for a big bike ride; The Country Providore is the number one place for strawberries in summer. And of course, all the lovely spots in Hamilton; Mr Miltons, Good George, Browsers, The White Room, Sisters and Demi Urgos. I seriously couldn’t pick one!


We know Katie as a ridiculously talented illustrator who sometimes rolls with a cute be-spectacled boy, and sits in coffee shops around town. Follow her on Twitter @katieclausen and check out her amazing illustrations.

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Can You Believe It’s Christmas in Hamilton?!

It’s our #lovethetron Christmas roundup! Meri Kirihimete Kirikiriroa!

Templeview illuminated. Breathtaking, from @alexefear01

New Zealand’s largest Christmas tree on New Zealand’s prettiest town square, from @webtaniwha.

Electric, eclectic Christmas: @chamfy heads to the opening gala of Trees at the Meteor. We love the amazing pieces this year!

We #lovethetree

Dreaming of a Bright Christmas: @Sports_Billy enjoys the beautiful December weather from above at @thelandof_.

Seeing Red: Santa gives more than presents this year, with the @KidsCanNZ Santa Run along the Waikato River. This from @MOREFMWaikato.

Mini @MeganCampbell and her delicious Christmas cupcake from Girl on a Swing in Chartwell. Yum!

Meanwhile, @chamfy discovers Scrumptious Cupcakes from Fairfield at yet another Christmas ‘do.

A very special birth right in time for Christmas at Hamilton Zoo! Chur @waikatotimes.

Festive and feelgood: @madeleinesc0tt visits the Hospice Waikato memory at @centre_place.

@_JennaMarie_ and her two favourite gents @nzjosiah and @derekmasuo head to Little George to enjoy Xmas tunes from the very talented Two Gents.

Naww. Too cute. @georgie_pienz and @jessemulligan cosy up for a snap in front of the tree, during the Seven Sharp live show on Garden Place.

Home for Christmas: @MxDEJ returns to the Tron and gets his @BeigeBridgae on and enjoys the sunshine at the cricket.

After a year of fancy chapeaux for all manner of occasions, we are not surprised Captain Hamiltron has pulled out his Kris Kringle hat. We wonder if he has reindeer antlers too? This from @georgie_pienz.

@webtaniwha enjoys the decked-out halls at St Stephens Church in Tamahere.

Lunchtime Christmas Cheer: @georgie_pienz heads to Garden Place to enjoy Coral’s sweet tunes.

A quick shot of the Tree at night from an upcoming holiday special on @RetailSeries.

Gorgeous Christmas presents at Tamahere markets, from @rotowarriors!

And speaking of Christmas presents, check out this amazing gift to Melville from the talented Jeremy Shirley and the community. This from @flibertygibbety. Love.

We love the buzz on the streets of Hamilton in the leadup to Christmas. @flibertygibbety snaps these cool people playing right outside @CreativeWaikato

Hamilton decks itself out in festive green (and sunshine!) in preparation for Christmas. Gorgeous, from @swissn_

@DutchCatNZ takes the niece and neff from Dunners on a Christmas tour of the city.

Pre-Christmas kiddie fun on Garden Place. @_JennaMarie_ reckons it looks like fun -we have to concur!

Browsers is on our list of ‘must-dos’ when it comes to Christmas shopping in the Tron. Looks like @gydeelaine thinks the same!

Festive treats: @chamfy enjoys a Christmas truffle at @CoffeeandFood!

Santa’s Little Helpers: @whiskeycully gets his mail from someone on very important Santa business.

Just one more of the tree!

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

This human statue gives Captain Hamiltron a run for his money, adds to the local street art scene and supports @ChiefsRugby at the same time. We approve!

@fresca_chat introduces their new Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate. We can’t wait to try!

Joshua Middleton captures the lights at Civic Square

Delish! @tritternz checks out the Hamilton Nightmarkets.

@gydeelaine kicks off her Sunday morning at Browser’s, the best little bookshop ever.

Talented beatboxing saxophonist Matt Bizzle plays at Sunday Sounds at @waikatomuseum. @gydeelaine was there to enjoy!

@chamfy supports local with scrumptious treats from La Rosa Latin Bakery. And they’re so pretty too!

Lovin’ the Tron from afar: Look what @georgie_pienz found in Wellington! We love her travel tweets.

All smiles: @bethanypawson indulges in mashed mung bean goodness at Momo Tea.

@councilhamilton on the beautiful grounds at Kirikiriroa Marae.

Taste like happiness: @hornykitten happens upon Scrumptious Cupcakes in Fairfield.

@domincbowden visits Claudelands and does the duckface with @jess_vandy!

@webtaniwha loves @GoodGeorgeBeer!

@nourishmagazine is impressed with the hash browns at Mr Milton’s Canteen. We can see why!

One big likefest: @councilhamilton likes @waikatotimes, who in turn really likes @hamnz_libraries!

@BookieMonsterNZ snaps Captain Hamiltron looking particularly dashing on a winter's morning.

@BookieMonsterNZ snaps Captain Hamiltron looking particularly dashing on a winter’s morning.

Everything you need for a hearty winter’s meal at @TheFarmShop1!

@webtaniwha getting his Chiefs Mana on at Waikato Stadium!

Godzone indeed: breathtaking shot from Hamilton across to Mt Pirongia, from @dfizzledizzle

Another amazing shot from @dfizzledizzle, across Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa with Mt Pirongia in the distance.

@alexfear01 braves the cold and fog to support @ChiefsRugby at Waikato Stadium.

Magic in action: thanks @kiwivalois!

Perhaps we should call this roundup the cupcakes special? @Ash__________ and @chamfy check out Scrumptious Cupcakes in Fairfield.

@chamfy does some Kenyan coffee tasting with the beautiful people at Milk and Honey!

@jonathanjcarson and @kiwiphotog get blasted at the Milk for Schools launch!

Even more cakes! @webtaniwha tempts us with these exquisite creations from Melting Moment at Garden Place. Yum.

@cakeburger sends us this pic of @FreeFM89’s epic tearoom wall. We want one too!

More from Matt Bizzle’s jazz at @waikatomuseum from @chamfy!

Lovely pic of @dutchcathnz’s daughter making the most of a rare summery day in the middle of the Waikato winter.

@hornykitten frolicks by the river, and it seems other people had the same idea too!

Totally a cupcakes special! @jaimeep89 does the Hamilton Nightmarkets. These are almost too pretty to eat!

@gydeelaine and @hornykitten do yum cha with @chamfy. Noms!

Fog and mystery on Ferrybank: @schappelli sends us this from Brenda Spiller

Ending on a cute note: @angelacuming falls in love with these piglets from @TheFarmShop1 and we can’t help but do the same. Adorabubbles!

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our weekly #lovethetron roundup!

@schappelli sends us this excellent retro picture of Ferrybank. We think houseboats should make a comeback.

This is Isla Cuming and baby Buttercup, hanging out with @angelacuming, at the Bear Makers on Victoria Street. We just melted from all the cuteness

Delicious treats in the @Fresca_Chat cabinet! We approve.

@CreativeWaikato launches with a bang, and @nathstar was there to capture it!

@Darkroomjesse also visits @Fesca_Chat and gets amongst the pretty paper lanterns.

Hamilton Rising: @georgie_pienz perches up high above the city and enjoys a sunny winter morning.

@margforsythHCC watches Hamilton Girls High School’s stunning performance of the story of Matariki.

We are loving how often @DonovansChoc gets a mention on #lovethetron. @Webtaniwha indulges and concludes that the world is a better place after a piece. We concur!

@shootsbands feels lucky to be living in the Tron. So do we!

We never fail to be amazed by the natural beauty of the Tron. @maohv8 goes on a scenic drive and snaps this!

@alexfear01’s SuperMoon hangs out with other orbs in the Hamilton night.

SuperWaikatoSuperMoon from @grizeldasma.

@angelacuming sees the Super Moon and raises it a Super Sunset. Pretty!

@angelacuming dines at the Dumpling House in Hamilton East and has the best.meal.ever.

@traceycooper spots a tui in his backyard. Love it!

It’s a pretty winter’s Monday morning at @waikato. Great colours!

@DutchCatNZ snaps the Hamilton lake -still pretty, even in winter.

@chamfy works on drafting Hamilton’s Youth Action Plan and takes a pic of this goal. We totally approve. #lovethetron

@HYC_Youth celebrates our amazing community spirit with the wonderful people at Volunteering Waikato.

Spotted by @georgie_pienz: Superheros patrolling the streets of the Tron. We are super curious as to what this is about. Tweet us if you know!

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup and 50th blogpost!

This is for real: @webtaniwha snaps Neil Dawson’s artwork, ‘Ripples’, suspends above autumnal trees on the banks of the Waikato River.

@flibertygibbety enjoys the decor at Chim Choo Ree while having the yummiest.dinner.ever.

@chamfy keeps warm at Milk and Honey with a vege pie, lolly cake and Oolong tea.

Spreading the love: We are pretty sure Hamilton has a secret traffic light fairy!

Creative fashion on the runway at the Wearable Ag Awards at Fieldays! Mayor @juliehardakernz was there to capture the moment.

It may be unassuming from the outside, but we peeked into @Soda_Inc’s loading bay and found some cool art on the walls!

We went to visit Creative Waikato’s new space and fell in love with their Underwater Collective mural!

@webtaniwha peeks through the window of Artspost and spies the Bank on Victoria Street.

We love Frankton Sushi, and we especially love their gorgeous calling cards.

@maohv8 on an early (and breathtaking) start to Fieldays.

@webtaniwha visits talented artist Adrian Worsley’s entry at the NZ Farmer Sculpture Competition at Fieldays. Love it!

Separated at birth? @jessemulligan visits the Tron for Fieldays and takes the time out to hang with Captain Hamiltron.

Hamilton’s own boutique brewery @GoodGeorgeBeer proves Fieldays is more than just about cows. @webtaniwha was there to enjoy!

The Other George: @kiwicanary loves the Little George pop-up bar, and so do we!

@webtaniwha snaps balloons rising above Fieldays. Love that balloons are such a big part of Hamilton’s identity!

On top of being named a Top 50 University, Waikato University reminds @chamfy of Tsinghua University. Excellent!

Celebrity chef @joshemmett returns home for Fieldays, and takes the time out to hang with @jess_vandy. We are envious!

Hamilton Garden Guerillas use their powers for good by picking apples to deliver to community groups. Follow more of their secret adventures at @HAMStreetGarden!

Nom noms! @MeggieB_B and her flatties do brunch at the Coffee and Food Establishment.

Another Masterchef on this week’s roundup: Ray McVinnie enjoys
Russian Fudge from Hamilton’s own @DonovancsChoc at the Food Show.

@BethanyPawson thinks Hamilton East is gorgeous. We concur!

Love the @nourishmagazine stall at Tamahere!

It’s always a beautiful day at the Hamilton Lake. Love that this is in the centre of our city! From @ndbrennan.

@DarkroomJesse happens upon a slice of Hamilton’s history on his wanders

Another piece of Hamilton's railroad history from @davejac

Another piece of Hamilton’s railroad history from @davejac

Pretty foggy morning over Seddon Park, from @camerashai.

Looking for fun things to do with the kids? @webtaniwha recommends the new Planet Warriors at @waikatomuseum.

A bit of old school fun for grown ups from @ndbrennan at the Bowlevard!

@JessMolina snaps the pretty lights of Hamilton City through the rain

@JessMolina snaps the lights of Hamilton City

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 31st May!

The meerkats at Hamilton Zoo were feeling the cold, and yet still managed to be so cute! Thanks @waikatotimes

Brilliant colours of autumn in Hamilton from @Sports_Billy!

@gsrwrc spots a lightbox robot in the CBD!

Another lightbox robot from @gsrwrc.This one made us lol!

@whiskycully calls it edible art. So many colours at the Delicate Bakehouse on the north end of Victoria Street!

Electric ice creams! @chamfy sends us this neon caravan from the Hamilton Nightmarkets.

@hornykitten is in tart heaven at the Hamilton Nightmarkets!

@webtaniwha escapes the rain and cold at the chic and cosy Lido Cinema

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Look at the loot! The @MK1Comics stall at Armageddon.

Celeb-Spotting #2 (and it’s a triple-whammy!): The voice of Lisa Simpson @yeardleysmith hangs out at Armageddon with Mitch Pileggi from Supernatural and Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones!

Talented @cakeburger creates Adventure Time fanart at Armageddon! Amazeburger.

Celeb-Spotting #3: Seems these guys can’t get enough of Hamilton. @jonoandben are back in the Tron for a second week, and @HashtagRadioNZ was there to snap them!

@darkroomjesse makes friends with a roving Dalek at Armageddon!

Noms! @webtaniwha celebrates #HamiltonMafiaDay with decadent treats at Mavis & Co.

@_JennaMarie_ dines at delicious Domaine. We are very jealous!

More delicousness from @DonovansChoc, who takes the finest chocolate, made in Hamilton, to the Wellington food show. Yum!

@webtaniwha has coffee with a view and a social conscience at Milk & Honey

She may have missed #HamiltonMafiaDay, but she was still thinking of us while in sunny Raro: @georgie_pienz adds to the local wall art!

Closer to home, @angelacuming spots funky wall art near the Fairfield Bridge!

Celeb-Spotting #4: @DanCarter twitpics during practice at Waikato Stadium

Amazing sunset through the fog in Gordonton from @Dynelle

Mixing farming and fashion: We wonder if @VerdictComms has channelled Christian Louboutin with their red-soled Fieldays gumboots?

Meanwhile… the ring-tailed lemurs at Hamilton Zoo are soaking up the sunshine. Thanks @nzzooboy for sending this in!

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