Guest Blog: Top Five Places To #ReadinTheTron

One of our favourite newcomers to the Hamilton Twitterverse is @readwithaview -a Tweeter and Instagrammer with a penchant for books and a good view. For months, she has been viewing and tweeting her way through Hamilton. While reading is usually considered to be a solitary pursuit, done in the confines of one’s own home or a quiet space, this lady shows us that it is possible (and even enjoyable!) to enjoy the world around you, while being engrossed in a good read. 

More recently, Miss @readwithaview and other bibliophiles who met online, such as @jessmolina, @lisanowonline @nbrookebaker, @chamfy, @briansquair, @hornykitten and so on, have formed the Hamilton Book Club, an organically-growing group that meets to chat about their latest reads over breakfast at Mr Milton’s Canteen on Alexandra Street (the next one is this Friday 23 October 7.30am and rumoured to have a sizeable turnout!).

According to @lisanowonline, books are ‘life changing’, with the group talking about everything from historical fiction, to guilty pleasures, to Waikato literature and young adult fiction.

We asked Miss @readwithaview to give us her picks (and pics! #heeh) of her favourite places to read in Hamilton, and we loved the results!


“The world was hers for the reading.” – Betty Smith
(or The Tron if you live in Hamilton!)

Reading: Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie

Reading: Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie

First off, thank you to the awesome and mysterious people (?person) behind @lovethetron for asking me to do this guest post on the best places to read in and around Hamilton – just in time for the warmer months! Obviously, nothing beats the cozy confines of your couch, or comfy bed, or even a hot relaxing bath, when it comes to your reading pleasure. If you’re after a change in scenery, however, I hope this helps! And I lie, this is probably not an actual top five – don’t make me choose – but these are definitely up there. A good read is even better with a good view!

1. The trusty café


(Reading: The Year Of The Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota, at St Lazarre Cafe)

Reading approved café checklist: not too loud, not too quiet ✓, excellent coffee and cake ✓, great atmosphere ✓, comfy seats ✓. I’ve tried out a fair few and they’ve all been excellent. The Hamilton café scene is underrated! The key is to come outside of peak mealtimes and you’re good to go.

Notable mentions: Too many, take your pick! I’ve tried Scott’s, Milton’s, Coffee Culture et al. All perfect to sit with a good coffee and a good book.

2. The lake view


(Reading: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara)

Lake Rotoroa in central Hamilton is one of my personal faves! Such a tranquil spot to pick a bench and start reading. Just enough foot traffic to be able to people-watch as well as feel relatively safe, and there’s a café nearby for your coffee needs!

Notable mention: Turtle Lake in Hamilton Gardens. Also a café nearby (notice a theme here?) in case you get hungry, or need a caffeine fix.


  1. The CBD view


Garden Place is beautiful when the weather’s good, and people are out and about. It’s also a great place to to stop, pick a spare bench or step, and enjoy a reading break while savouring that java. SL28 is just across the road 😉

4. The park view (with bonus river view!)


(Reading: a Mary Scott novel, as suggested by @chamfy at the inaugural twitter book club! A local Hamiltonian author, published by an unfortunately now defunct Hamiltonian publishing house; Hamilton #twitterature at it’s best)

There’s something about being outdoors, with pretty surroundings, that just makes you feel relaxed. All the better for getting into that reading zone! Luckily for us, Hamilton has many beautiful green spots to stop and take a break. Obviously, safety first, try not to be alone in too quiet a spot etc, but otherwise, feel free to enjoy any one of the Tron’s beautiful parks and gardens. This is one of my favourite spots, in Parana/Memorial Park by the river. Just look at that beautiful view! Hamilton, you are a stunner.

Notable mentions: Hamilton Gardens, Wellington St Beach, Rose Gardens by lake

5. The tucked-away-indoors view


Can’t give up that cozy couch? Well, if you must. Try Browsers; a Hamiltonian institution, having been there for more than twenty years, so their booksellers tell me! As soon as you step in, it’s like you’re somewhere else. The hustle and bustle of the main street outside falls away and you feel completely relaxed. That couch that greets you when you walk in just begs for you to pick a read, any read, off the multitude of shelves, then sink in and lose an hour (or few). The best part is they’re open from morning to night, like all good bookshops. Promise I’m not sponsored by Browser’s (but I wouldn’t say no!).

Notable mentions: Hamilton libraries, Lido Cinema – they have coffee and cake and even a cozy nook with a bookshelf filled with books to choose from if you didn’t bring one of your own!

There you have it, a list to choose from next time you feel like venturing out. We sure live in a pretty cool city 😉

#YouHadToBeThere: The Hippest Deal in Hamilton

A post in memory of Rod Drury’s awkward taste in coffee:

“…there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be the Coffee Mafia, proving them wrong.”

It’s not everyday that we do two posts on the same topic back-to-back, but we can’t help this one -there are photos to show!!!

The Coffee Mafia are -to quote @chamfy: “the hippest deal in town” -and this latest excursion of theirs had some of Hamilton’s hottest Cafficianados in attendance.

Bloggers, trend-setters, masters of the universe, and people who generally love coffee converged at It-cafe, Mr Milton’s Canteen, to meet and confer on their love of a good brew. Meanwhile, we were creepily lurking around town, trying not to be seen (although we did spot @lyssacecelia, @wgdurning and @stepdoran on the scene).

This is one of many semi-spontaneous-social-stranger-coffee-mafia-dates to happen in the past few weeks. Others have included, turning up for SL28 coffee and toasties to watch @darkroomjesse get his beard chopped at Fox Kennedy and mid-morning coffee and scheming at Mavis Made to Order.

We’re declaring the Mid-Morning Coffee Party officially the new ‘after-work-drinks’. We have it on good authority that new friends and connections were made amongst strangers in the CBD, and that the coffee buzz may almost rival the tingle from a few rounds of Good George (and ps: no hangover).

Further proving that the Coffee Mafia is where it’s at, the group was somewhat stealthily joined by Hamilton’s answer to Peter Parker: @GedCann. We won’t reveal too much, except to say that this Wellingtronian-turned-Hamiltonian novice coffee connoisseur is growing on us, and you should keep an eye out for his story on coffee, coming out soon!

In the meantime, the pics:


Can You Believe It’s Coffee in Hamilton?!

According to Wikipedia and other reliable sources (@hornykitten), 29 September is New Zealand National Coffee Day, with International Coffee Day following close on its heels on 1 October.

In any case, living in New Zealand’s real coffee capital means we don’t need a special excuse to celebrate coffee, buuuut give us an excuse and we’ll take it 😉

Long before the rest of the country became obsessed with the liquid black gold (and its flat, white counterpart), in 1952 a man by the name of Bob opened a delicatessen on Garden Place. With the aid of imported percolators, grinders and coffee machines, Bob began blending coffee beans and servicing European clientele, with a view to awakening Kiwi tastebuds.

Ahead of his time, Bob offered three grinds: fine, medium or coarse, and if customers moved out of Hamilton, he would post them their coffee by mail in brown paper bags tied with string (rumour has it Bob is still the envy of hipster baristas everywhere).

While he went by the unassuming name of ‘Bob’, amongst Hamiltonians and friends, the rest of the country now knows him as Robert Harris – the original GodFather of New Zealand Coffee.

Proof that we are not a one-hit wonder, Hamilton and the wider Waikato have continued to produce exceptional coffee roasters, cafes and cafe culture.

Rocket Coffee, Essenza, Manuka Brothers and Raglan Roast are only a few Hamilton names that have cities like Wellington mistakenly claiming they have ‘good coffee’.

Coffee houses are the new public houses, and a visit to one in the middle of the day can yield any number of treasures, from new friends to exceptional cake (another Hamiltonian pastime), to breakthrough ideas (#lovethetron was conceived in a Hamilton coffee shop, after all).

More recently, local coffee fanatics have been finding each other on the internet and meeting to wax lyrical about their mutual love of coffee. The Hamilton Coffee Club is a group of Hamilton twitterati who have started to meet at various inner city cafes to discuss the inner workings of the bean.

Led by local coffee blogger @LyssaCecilia and joined by other tweeters and particularly enthusiastic members of the Hamilton Mafia Project, we’re expecting big insights and discoveries in the realm of coffee (and also the general whereabouts of one @BrianSquair, who is apparently apt to go M.I.A.).

And just as a wee reminder of exactly how much Hamiltonians are into coffee, here is your #lovethetron roundup of Coffee in the Tron.

What do you do when your other half is being shorn at @fox_k_barbersco ? You make like @whetu_teua and head to SL28!

Heaven sent? @h_ahartley heads to Coffee Culture in between services.

@kyleebeee Jams at Queenwood

Another one Jamming at Queenwood: @hamfoodblog partakes in another great Hamilton tradition – brunch!

Hamilton’s favourite ‘It-Girl’ @jessmolina snaps the carnage from the first official meeting of the Hamilton Coffee Club at Mavis Made to Order!

Wannabe-filmmaker @chamfy finds this nifty little setup early one morning on the banks of the Waikato River.

Just because you’re called @beer_pix doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a great coffee from Hazel Hayes, right? 😉

@hamfoodblog claims the unassuming @rocket_coffee is the best in town -big call!

One from the annals of Hamilton Coffee History: sunshine and coffee at the Milk and Honey balcony during Christmastime. This is possibly one of the most perfect ‘Hamilton’ experiences, @webtaniwha.

And another Milk and Honey memory from @kat_c1ark! Weird coffee contraptions floating high above the city? Totally normal.

@webtaniwha discovers that the coffee at Jack’s makes good things happen.

@skinditty knows that a good fluffy at Mr Milton’s is the gateway to a lifetime obsession with good coffee!

Georgie, George and Milton: Perfectly Hamilton, right @georgie_pienz?! 😉

@ns510x does coffee and cake at the iconic Scott’s Epicurean.

It’s not a Sunday at Scott’s if @megancampbellnz + family aren’t coffeeing and bonding!

And finally…Rock ‘n’ Roll at cafes? Totally a thing! Just ask @DutchCatNZ and her other half @DarkroomJesse, rocking out at Agora in Frankton.

Top 50 Hamilton Tweeters You Should Be Following in 2015

We think it’s official: August is Hamilton Appreciation Month.

Between the Spark Media Arts Festival, the Hamiltonphilic Waikato Winter Lecture Series, Hamilton Book Month and cheery pieces in the Waikato Times and the Hamilton News, this month has been all about celebrating the city.

Getting to do a Pecha Kucha totally anonymous (involving such heist-like fun as delivering packages to Richard Swainson), getting profiled in the Hamilton News amongst some of our favourite yay-Hamilton bloggers, and seeing the Hamilton Mafia in the Waikato Times has been totally exciting.

We’re also pumped for fellow Hamilton Mafioso and Amazing Race (real winner), Jesse O’Brien being on the panel for an ‘Ode to Hamilton’ tomorrow night at Waikato University, alongside other favourites such as Jason Dawson, and Robyn Longhurst (who is rumoured to now be @lovethetron).

It’s auspicious then, that the city birthday is also in August. We have to admit, the 151st birthday on the 24th of August was a little quieter than the one last year, but we are firm believers that every birthday should be marked with something a little special.

Last year, we released our list of the top tweeters you needed to be following in 2014.

It’s 2015 now, and we maintain that lists are still very much in fashion. We’ve seen a few floating around Hamilton lately: Jess Molina getting on the coveted Hamilton 30-Under-30, and us not making it onto the Waikato Rich List, yet again (possibly because we spend all our monies on food?).

But we know that the list you really really  want to be on is this one that we haphazardly pulled together by vague committee:

Top 50 Hamilton Tweeters You Should Be Following in 2015

The names are in no particular order (except maybe for number 50), and we decided to be a little cute and keep the descriptions to 140 characters or less. Considering these are some of the most interesting people in town, it was no mean feat!

Enjoy -and Happy Birthday Hamilton!

xx lovethetron

@webtaniwhaAka ‘Mr Hamilton’. Follow this man-about-town for enthusiastic tweets about the latest foodie haunts, and the occasional update on Northland

@darkroomjesseOne half of #TeamCatandJesse (the real winners of the Amazing Race). Amongst other things, a real-life Mafioso & caretaker of small children

@h_ahartleyProof that a real community is a city where the Bishop will happily tweet you her Friday night plans or recommend places to eat cake. #love

@georgie_pienzThe story of how one Morrinsville girl became an icon in Hamilton. Not to be confused with the pie sold at McDonald’s.

@Wonderhorsebar –Walk down a dark alleyway, ask for a man named Alex. Tell him to mix you something special, with a cheeseburger on the side. Go on, dare you

@juliehardakernzMayor of the best city in New Zealand. Spends spare time waking up before the rest of the city to snap early-morning sunrises.

@skindittyHamilton enthusiast and International Man of Mystery (Creek).

@kelseyavoidingtinderOne woman’s hilarious -and sometimes awkward -quest to prove that dating away from Tinder and in Hamilton is ‘a real thing’.

@crafthamilton New kid on the block and sibling establishment to @gothenburgnz. Once overheard being referred to as ‘The Beer Lover’s Shangri-La’.

@gydelneHamilton’s foremost cat enthusiast. Attempts to have long conversations and games of hide-and-seek with the world’s most reluctant cat.

@DutchCatNZ cosies up to @Georgie_pienz!

@NZVicSpends a lot of time around helicopters. Also blogger of life in paradise, involving wide open spaces, children and & furry animals.

@justlyricaSinger, ex-radio host & ex-face of responsible public transportation, who now spends her days as a playgrounds inspector & dumpling-sampler.

@DutchCatNZOwner of the brightest smile on reality television, other half of @darkroomjesse and strongest contender for the title of Mother of the City

@pip_stephensoncheese scone enthusiast who prefers finding chocolate to finding money

@AngelaCumingOfficial Hamilton Ambassador to Ireland/mother of #MoolooBaby, who may grow up to be weirded out by the fact that his birth had a hashtag.

@MeganCampbellNZSuperwoman who can simultaneously be in multiple cities at once. Begetter of pastaphiles. Rumour is she also secretly runs New Zealand.

@tarasutherlandPet photographer, and probably the only person in Hamilton with a better job than @justlyrica the playgrounds inspector/dumpling-sampler

@G00d_NeighbourIf you needed another incentive to beat Aucklanders to buying a house in Rototuna, this would be it. Be prepared for epic foodporn.


Mini @MeganCampbellNZ

@flibertygibbetyCreative Queen of Arts Alley, inhabitant of the coolest art gallery-loft space office in town, frequenter of Mr Milton’s, bringer of magic.

@PhidMcAwesomeOne man’s journey from hobbyist tech nerd & radiophile to global superstardom, along with lovable sidekicks @CharisMcawesome & @V8Matty.

@GluteyGirlFearless advocate of sniffing food, talking about poop, and living the gluten-free lifestyle to the fullest.

@WGDurning Moonlights as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a side-gig to pay for his main passion: decadent food. Teehee.

@readwithaviewsubscribes to the philosophy that great books are only as great as the places you read them in. Follow for tips on books and locations.

@hpwritesstuffHamilton’s Music Writer in Residence, and flash fiction aficionado. Sharp, witty and makes even screaming heavy metal seem divine.

@waikatoWhen they’re not busy tweeting stunning photos of trees and lakes and ducks, they’re doing extreme things like visiting Antarctica.

@WintecNZHamilton’s bastion of all things cool, like media and art and fashion and Steve Braunias.

@jessmolinaHamilton’s resident ‘It-Girl’. Magazine Editor, Passion Project Believer, Metropolis Patron. Most likely the reason why @WintecNZ is so cool

@MandysuessShe’s all about radio and food. With a Twitter following to rival the @waikato student population, it’s easy to see what the fuss is about

@CrikaRikaSelf-confessed selfie-junkie, young politico, and general Hamilton socialite with a killer taste in hair and blazers.

@traceyrcooperFavourite wisecracking ex-journo-turned-communications-guru, with hair to die (dye?) for.

@jakequinnFollow Jake for adorable ‘Dad-just-casually-hanging-with-kids’ snaps, and pretty pictures of new things we could be building on the river.

@ns510xWe’re still not sure who this girl is, but she intrigues us with her snaps of food and bookshops, and we’re glad she’s in our lives.

@sambaxterPublic Relations aficionado, Pechakucha speaker, anxiety expert, writer and notable personality.

@saycheeselouiseFeminist, photographer, maker of clothes and crafts, pom-pom enthusiast.

@joshua_drummond -Our favourite expat cartoonist, and other half of @louise_bee (aka Kate Middleton).

The ‘real’ Royal Wedding featuring @joshua_drummond and @louise_bee

@chamfyHamilton’s original queen of foodporn. Follow her hashtag #chamfyfoodporn to see what she has for each meal (hint: it’s poached eggs).

@lunnskyofficialWaikato University socialite and powerhouse. Appears at events with @chamfy. Possibly a protege of @traceyrcooper.  

@nexusmagAlongside being the city’s pinnacle of student journalism Nexus does what all modern publications do well: live-tweeting social events.

@hornykittenSo elusive that the NZ Herald dedicated multiple inches of column space to his international blogging, and still mistook him for a female.

@WintecPressClubHamilton’s answer to the latter years of the Alongquin Roundtable. They’ll let you know if ‘your cool [sic]’ enough to be invited.

@camtheguzzOur favourite new arrival to breakfast radio.Despite the (obvious) chemistry, she’s *not* @buntyontheradio‘s wife, as some have assumed.

@jessemulliganHe knows the two most important things in life are food & Hamilton, he make us laugh, and is the best thing to happen to RadioNZ in a while.

@nivaraloungeWhy wouldn’t you follow Hamilton’s favourite underground jazz club?

Must be a hard life being a playgrounds inspector, right @justlyrica?

@HamiltonZooClearly the best zoo in New Zealand. Rumour has it if you are having a bad day, they will Tweet you pics of your favourite animal being cute

@ceriphinzEarly adopter of #lovethetron, and beloved longtime Hamilton personality.

@MxDeJOne of our favourite Hamilton expats, and owner of incredibly fascinating life story. Get him to tell you sometime.

@hamurbanblogEducational, informative and holds the city to account on all matters cycling-related.

@JMiddleton_imgsThe most iconic photographer to come out of Hamilton in 150 years. Follow him and look at the city in a completely new light.

…and last, but not least -someone who we have pre-emptively included on this list, because we are pretty sure we can predict the future:

@PaulHenryShowHe makes jokes about us now, but he doesn’t know that one year from now he’ll have come to his senses & moved here because: best city in NZ.

Woohoo! @hamfoodblog @hornykitten @kelseyavoidingtinder @hpwritesstuff

Can You Believe It’s Food in Hamilton?!

Dear New Zealand,

Hamilton is the food city of this country.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the facts: we grown our own food and we make our own food (#support local); we routinely win awards and hats for our dining establishments; on any given day, wandering through the city, we can find food for all tastes, preferences and dietary requirements; some of New Zealand’s top chefs come from Hamilton; oh, and we’re just totally obsessed with it.

Aside from having the best food ever, our people are ridiculously passionate about all things food, including sourcing it, telling each other about it, photographing it (pretty sure we’ve got the best food photographers in the country, amiright?!), and building entire online communities around it.

If you don’t believe us, check out #lovethetron on Twitter.

xx @lovethetron

p.s. this is the latest #lovethetron roundup!

We’re suckers for a good pretzel and the Hamilton Farmers Market totally delivered! Try the cheese stick too. Only thing better than a pretzel is cheese on a pretzel!

Foodporn to die for. Our eyes were salivating over this poster boy for @G00d_Neighbour $6 dessert nights!

Date night is Chicken Curry night for @chamfy and @hornykitten. This foodie duo heads to Banh Mi Caphe on a wintery night.

Gorgeous teacups at the new and huge Urge cafe on Victoria Street, from @hamfoodblog!

Even Mayor @juliehardakernz gets in on the foodporn buzz with this snap of the new Duck Island ice cream parlour in Hamilton East.

Hulk. Want. Cake. And so does @hornykitten by the looks of it! Love this Girl on The Swing creation.

ZOMG. This is the magic that happens when @lewisrdcreamery and @WhittakersNZ get together with Girl on the Swing. Good find @hornykitten!

The Girl on the Swing must be all the rage this week, because look what birthday girl @justlyrica got!

Prawn tacos? Yum yum lunchfest @G00d_Neighbour!

Fit for a queen: @ns510x follows the White Rabbit to the Browsers’ Alice 150th tea party.

Now for something fit for a king: we’re glad at least one of our followers tried out the delicious new Hazels breakfast. Good job @hamfoodblog!

@chamfy’s British boyfriend @hornykitten delivers up some of his cultural culinary fare for Sunday dinner. Naww.

Now you know why they call it Real Good Food, right? @KMediaLtdNZ gets a bacon and egg bap from the hole-in-the-wall on Worley Street.

@hamfoodblog enjoys a @rocket_coffee at Hamilton’s new laneway building. The retro Riverbank Mall cup is totally kitsch!

Part 1of Scott’s iconic lunches from @hamfoodblog: the Aglio Olio

Part 2 of Scott’s iconic lunches from @hamfoodblog: the Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

And finally, @ns510x goes on a #smalltownfest to neighbouring Cambridge for their Waikato-famous sushi. Oishii desu ne!

Judging a City by its Cover: A Short Voyage Through Hamilton’s Literary History

It is a little-known but delicious morsel of Hamilton’s history that the city has, in its colourful past, been a literary centre in New Zealand.

Between 1908 and 1960, Hamilton boasted its very own Carnegie library, and at the start of the century, Paul’s Book Arcade was the height of the New Zealand publishing world -and one of the first proponents of New Zealand literature, in an era still dominated by the greats from Mother England.

Today, the Carnegie Library is merely a half-century memory, and the site of Paul’s Book Arcade is Metropolis Caffe, where the only reminder of the original publishing house is in the century-old black-and-white tiling, still visible as you walk in. Despite the more glamorous coffee houses popping up around the city, Metropolis itself is still a Hamilton icon, owing to its special place in the regeneration of the Hamilton CBD.

Legend has it that there was a time when Victoria street was a red light district, servicing the military men who had been stationed at Knox street for most of the city’s life. The arrival of Metropolis heralded the first real cafe on the city’s main street, and it has held fast for over two decades, and even going on to gain national recognition.

But we digress.

Hamilton is still a place where you can get a decent book without having to fold to quasi-toy shop-cum-post-shops like Whitcoull’s and Paper Plus. We love that one of our newest followers @ns510x took it upon herself this weekend to visit three of our favourite Hamilton bookshops.


The best thing about Browsers (aside from the ambience, the selection, the art on the walls, the opera playing softly in the background, etc etc) is that, as a second-hand bookstore, it houses the collective imaginations and interests of Hamiltonians across the ages, to be picked up, returned, and picked up again.


This 35-year old family business is proof that independent bookshops can not only stand the test of time, it can thrive even in conditions as heavily consumerist as a Westfield Mall, and still not lose its sense of identity.


They may have more branches than we care to admit, but Poppies at Casabella Lane has become a natural feature of CBD life. There is a decent selection of French jazz, best sellers and obscure books not available elsewhere, and it’s the perfect place to find a date to take to have over a cup of tea in the courtyard and by the fountain.


We love it when our followers do thematic photos on #lovethetron. Please do more, you guys!

Can You Believe It’s Winter in Hamilton?!

The Waikato winter may be known for its harsh(ish) temperatures and unrelenting fog, but still roses are blooming, gorgeous men from hot (literally and figuratively) countries are descending on the city to perform ball tricks in shorts (not the only ones to show a little leg on this roundup! Scroll down for more), and parents are keeping their children entertained in the great Hamilton outdoors.

This may be the perfect city.

This is your latest #lovethetron roundup.

Dying of cuteness overload from this little snapshot of @jakequinn and his brood of mini-Jakes just chillin’ on a winter weekend. Being a dad is so hot right now!

Being a mum could be pretty hot right now too if you are anything like @nzdodo who discovered this cool BMX track in Hamilton!

@juliehardakerNZ heads to the FIFA and hangs out with these gorgeous, colourful mini Colombians!

A big Saturday morning Aglio Olio Hello from @megancampbellnz and mini-Megan!

Meanwhile @Camtheguzz takes her brood to the Hamilton Zoo before the FIFA. Love the silly faces!

A pair of Hamilton foodies: @chamfy celebrates @hipecon’s birthday!

So many Hamilton icons in one place! @MOMENTUMCheryl and @ReeVarcoe check out everyone’s favourite cupcake place now open in Garden Place.

Nawwwwww. Cute @justlyrica goes tree planting on Arbor Day

So swish! Love the @xero stand at Fieldays from @iscolincrowley!

@skinditty hangs out with high-rollers from ‘Straya at @mysterycreek

Sneak peek into @juliehardaker’s winter garden, where roses bloom even in the cold Hamilton winter. Stunning!

Epic shot at the FIFA U20 from @leontakesshots!

@PeteClouston cheers on Colombia ahead of their game against Qatar. Great colours!

From the real thing to something a little bit different: @hornykitten snaps this cute FIFA display at everyone’s favourite comic book store @MK1Comics

And it was all yellow: @chamfy snaps Garden Place at sunset. Magic.

Gorgeous winter full moon in full bloom, from @h_ahartley!

Why play Bejewelled when you can just wear it? @chamfy finds a novel way to counteract the winter blues on a rainy Hamilton day.

Best thing about Fieldays? The totally awesome fashion! Loving the pink gumboots @Rural_News!

Despite the looming rainclouds, @mmiisskkaa indulges in a classic Hamilton pastime at the lake!

‘Mist-erious’: Beautiful early-morning shot of the famed Waikato fog from @waikato

Traffic light through the early-morning mist from @ns510x. So cool.

Amazing sight: @chamfy snaps magic oozing from @meamobile in this early morning shot.

Yet another covetable office window view in Hamilton -this time from @AdamCrouchley. Absolutely stunning, first thing in the morning!

From fog to frost: We love this closeup of an icy morning from @skinditty!

Build our own burger, @G00d_Neighbour? We’re totally there!

What’s Korean for ‘yum yum’? @hamfoodblog has the perfect winter lunch at Minsokchon!

Part 1 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Dinner at Victoria Street Bistro.

Part 2 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Drinks at Wonderhorse!

Worthy adversary: @waikatomuseum races us to 1,500 and wins with 3 followers to spare!

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