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Can You Believe It’s Winter in Hamilton?!

The Waikato winter may be known for its harsh(ish) temperatures and unrelenting fog, but still roses are blooming, gorgeous men from hot (literally and figuratively) countries are descending on the city to perform ball tricks in shorts (not the only ones to show a little leg on this roundup! Scroll down for more), and parents are keeping their children entertained in the great Hamilton outdoors.

This may be the perfect city.

This is your latest #lovethetron roundup.

Dying of cuteness overload from this little snapshot of @jakequinn and his brood of mini-Jakes just chillin’ on a winter weekend. Being a dad is so hot right now!

Being a mum could be pretty hot right now too if you are anything like @nzdodo who discovered this cool BMX track in Hamilton!

@juliehardakerNZ heads to the FIFA and hangs out with these gorgeous, colourful mini Colombians!

A big Saturday morning Aglio Olio Hello from @megancampbellnz and mini-Megan!

Meanwhile @Camtheguzz takes her brood to the Hamilton Zoo before the FIFA. Love the silly faces!

A pair of Hamilton foodies: @chamfy celebrates @hipecon’s birthday!

So many Hamilton icons in one place! @MOMENTUMCheryl and @ReeVarcoe check out everyone’s favourite cupcake place now open in Garden Place.

Nawwwwww. Cute @justlyrica goes tree planting on Arbor Day

So swish! Love the @xero stand at Fieldays from @iscolincrowley!

@skinditty hangs out with high-rollers from ‘Straya at @mysterycreek

Sneak peek into @juliehardaker’s winter garden, where roses bloom even in the cold Hamilton winter. Stunning!

Epic shot at the FIFA U20 from @leontakesshots!

@PeteClouston cheers on Colombia ahead of their game against Qatar. Great colours!

From the real thing to something a little bit different: @hornykitten snaps this cute FIFA display at everyone’s favourite comic book store @MK1Comics

And it was all yellow: @chamfy snaps Garden Place at sunset. Magic.

Gorgeous winter full moon in full bloom, from @h_ahartley!

Why play Bejewelled when you can just wear it? @chamfy finds a novel way to counteract the winter blues on a rainy Hamilton day.

Best thing about Fieldays? The totally awesome fashion! Loving the pink gumboots @Rural_News!

Despite the looming rainclouds, @mmiisskkaa indulges in a classic Hamilton pastime at the lake!

‘Mist-erious’: Beautiful early-morning shot of the famed Waikato fog from @waikato

Traffic light through the early-morning mist from @ns510x. So cool.

Amazing sight: @chamfy snaps magic oozing from @meamobile in this early morning shot.

Yet another covetable office window view in Hamilton -this time from @AdamCrouchley. Absolutely stunning, first thing in the morning!

From fog to frost: We love this closeup of an icy morning from @skinditty!

Build our own burger, @G00d_Neighbour? We’re totally there!

What’s Korean for ‘yum yum’? @hamfoodblog has the perfect winter lunch at Minsokchon!

Part 1 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Dinner at Victoria Street Bistro.

Part 2 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Drinks at Wonderhorse!

Worthy adversary: @waikatomuseum races us to 1,500 and wins with 3 followers to spare!

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Free Parking Project






1. Lisa Rayner / Turning Point 2. Mark Curtis / Butter sheep & Lamb 3. Chelsea Pascoe / Triple Stack 4. Michael Tolmay & Seán Dunne / i come in gold 5. The Spring Issue 6. David Ed Cooper / Sea Wolf (2) Source:

Ok, so the Free Parking Space Project is obviously a brilliant project that primarily took place in November BUT the reason we wanted to feature it is because creative, awesome things happen far more often in Hamilton than some people will make out, it’s just a case of us having to engage and get excited.
Keep an eye out for future exhibits by Free Parking Space and keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be talking about other Hamilton art projects and galleries in the lead up to the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival!

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Hamilton East Village Market

“Anything and everything a chap can unload…”

I kept this line in mind from disney’s bed knobs and broomsticks film as I wandered around the Hamilton East Village Market. There’s something about this market that really represents the Hamilton East identity from the bric a brac to local jam and soap. I really love the diverse range of markets that we have access to in Hamilton, because they are a really great way to support local and create a community.

There’s more information about it so you can make sure to visit next time it’s on. Anyone setting up a flat or new house or cafe absolutely needs to check out all the curiosities while for families you can pick up plants for a day gardening, American sweets, soaps and rows and rows of board games and books. Then after all your shopping is done you can relax with a coffee or hot chocolate at Mavis or Rocket espresso.

Basically this market can be a part of the perfect local cheap day out.

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I really love buying presents for other people, or at least spending a considerable amount of time trying to search for the perfect present. I also really like coffee. Humble gives me the opportunity to do both. It’s perched just outside of café Fresca just off Kahikatea Drive. Café Fresca is a whole other post in itself but today I wanted to talk about humble and how fantastic it is! I first saw them in a feature in Blacklisted, a magazine that has started up in Hamilton ( check it out here ) and I want everything all over the tables and walls of this little treasure chest of a store. They stock loads of really quirky kitchen wares, jewellery and the amazing green house soap range. Basically Humble is full of such unexpected things and occupies a really unexpected space so definitely going to try to shop more local from now on. #shoplocal

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

Love love love. @flibertygibbety snaps Eno & Shida beautifying the Tron with gorgeous wall art.

@CreativeWaikato sends us another snap from Eno & Shida on Ward Lane. Stunner.

Food baby in the making: Dad-to-be @whiskeycully indulges at the nightmarkets.

No seriously…can you believe it’s Hamilton?! We sure can. We are nuts for the new MAC counter at @FarmersNZ and so was @webtaniwha it seems!

High praise: @Webtaniwha reckons the new @yoghurtstory at @centre_place is like the love child of House of G, TopShop and The Gap.

…we only hope he is meaning for his tastebuds!

Momentous: The Talented Mr Middleton @JMiddleton_imgs strikes again!

This gorgeous lady is our number 1 supporter and Queen of the #hamiltonmafia, so we absolutely had to send @missB_nz a #lovethetron tee.

…and @missB_nz certainly does not disappoint with this uber cool graphic of the Tron’s Twitterati !

@DarkroomJesse and his boys play ball on a beautiful Hamilton spring day.

Mr and Mrs Hamilton? In line with recent tradition, @chamfy takes a mandatory @CptHamilton2013 photo on her graduation day!

@hornykitten uncovers a hidden tribute from Hamilton to the late Princess Di. You learn something new about this city everyday!

With a gorgeous study spot like this from @danielfarrellnz, why wouldn’t you hit the books?!

@chamfy discovers the Green Grocer at Hamilton East.

Too cool. @nattybegood played the harmonica alongside The Southern Diplomats at the Atomic Festival.

@georgie_pienz checks out the quirky offerings at this year’s Fringe Festival!

Wherepho Art Thou? @JakeQuinn is pretty excited about the new Vietnamese place opening on Vic Street!

@webtaniwha dreams of Mr Milton.

Who needs gondolas when you can water ski right through Hamilton’s CBD? Awesome pic from @hornykitten!

Another reason to love the Tron in springtime: blue irises growing out side the @waikatotimes newsroom!

Fashionista @crikarika dreams up a a new wardrobe.

We love dads who are cool enough to take selfies. We love it even more when it’s dad-of-the-year @DarkroomJesse posing with his boy at Milk and Honey.

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Local Talent: Victor Alexeyev

And now for something a bit different. We spotted Victor at the Milk&Honey night cafe taking photos but we had no idea just how wonderful those photos and the video he made would turn out! Safe to say they have a really hip, interesting feel that matches up perfectly with the ethos of Milk&Honey. Here are some of his photos and a bit more about the man behind the camera. Clck through to get a better look at some of these stunning local photos!

Who is Victor Alexeyev?

I am a Russian born, science loving, poetic wannabe – all the while
trying to make it photographically and still not really knowing what
I’m doing in life. Hi, nice to meet you. Do you like coffee? Me too,
lets talk!

Photographically, I’m interested in and will have a crack at the whole
scope of photography: events, wedding, portraiture, conceptual and
everything in-between. But you have to go where the money shows. So, I
mostly focus on events, portraits and conceptual (when I’m not
shooting paid work).

I like event photography because something incredible always comes
from cramming a bunch of people into a single space for a common
purpose aka community.

I like portraits because when it comes down to it, people are the
purpose of all good photographic imagery. Not to mention, that without
people whom would we have to show our photos to?

I like conceptual because there are no boundaries. Because you can be
childish without having to explain yourself or have that girl you
really like look at you in disgust and retort, “your so immature”.

Im Cambridge, Waikato based and you’ll know me by my olive green
Morris 1300. I might be that guy dragging a drum kit to the carpark
rooftop. Don’t call the cops just yet. I might be that guy in the
corner of your café scoping the joint out. And one day, someday, I
might be that guy attempting to teach science to your children in high
school – if I manage to win your child’s attention from strong
contenders as Jamie’s World and Grand Thief Auto XIV.

Feel free to drop in anytime:




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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

The bright lights of Hamilton city: The talented Joshua Middleton is finally on Twitter! Follow him @joshuawolver.

@NZVic dives into these epic berryful meringues at Mavis & Co. Yum!

Fluoro fun: We headed to Artspost and checked out ‘together…’ the brilliant new exhibit by Larisse Hall.

We enjoyed lovely streetside tunes from this young man in a kilt on Victoria Street.

The bar of illumination: @hirawani sets @mexiconz on fire with 250 individual candles.

Noms! A new make-your-own-yoghurt place has just opened on Victoria Street.

Glow in the dark mini golf in the CBD. Need we say more? @tritternz heads to Centre Place to join in all the fun!

Joiy in a bottle: @webtaniwha finds a bubblicious way to pass a wet afternoon at The District.

@chamfy has an artgasm underground at the Jam Basement Cafe. We can see why! #cheekyjuxtapositions

@joshuawolver wows us with a foggy morning in the CBD.

Cute as a button! @webtaniwha discovers Miss Daisy in Claudelands.

Jean Hamiltron? Look who donned a beret for Bastille Day! This from @chamfy.

We went for a stroll around the lake on a mission to find the finest #HamiltonHousePorn, and we got very lucky!

@webtaniwha discovers more prettiness on a wet afternoon at Zinnia in Claudelands.

Funkiest soup kitchen art ever. Another reason to indulge in a steaming bowl of yummy soup from Harlem Soup Kitchen this winter.

Who knew good soup and great art were such a good fit? @WebTaniwha snaps the very talented Julian from Harlem Soup Kitchen with his Victoria Street artwork.

Is it Miami? Nope, Just Hamilton. @thekiwicanary snaps the Tron looking positively tropical despite the cold weather!

@georgie_pienz is loving the bright colours on the new Centre Place building!

Captain Hamiltron clearly has a penchant for awesome headwear, and pinches @darkroomjesse’s signature hat.

Hamilton’s ‘It Couple’: @darkroomjesse enjoys the view from the top on his date with @DutchCatNZ at Milk and Honey!

It’s a religious experience with @joshuawolver’s photography. We couldn’t resist including one more. Here’s the stunning St Peter’s Cathedral at night.

With views like these, who needs a beachfront? More lakeside #HamiltonHousePorn.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones going in search of lakeside #HamiltonHousePorn. @V8Matty snaps Tronsylvania castle on a winter morning.

@hornykitten enjoys some quiet time with some oriental fusion at Silk.

IT’S A BOY!! Hamilton lights up in blue for the #RoyalBaby.

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