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Can You Believe It’s Winter in Hamilton?!

The Waikato winter may be known for its harsh(ish) temperatures and unrelenting fog, but still roses are blooming, gorgeous men from hot (literally and figuratively) countries are descending on the city to perform ball tricks in shorts (not the only ones to show a little leg on this roundup! Scroll down for more), and parents are keeping their children entertained in the great Hamilton outdoors.

This may be the perfect city.

This is your latest #lovethetron roundup.

Dying of cuteness overload from this little snapshot of @jakequinn and his brood of mini-Jakes just chillin’ on a winter weekend. Being a dad is so hot right now!

Being a mum could be pretty hot right now too if you are anything like @nzdodo who discovered this cool BMX track in Hamilton!

@juliehardakerNZ heads to the FIFA and hangs out with these gorgeous, colourful mini Colombians!

A big Saturday morning Aglio Olio Hello from @megancampbellnz and mini-Megan!

Meanwhile @Camtheguzz takes her brood to the Hamilton Zoo before the FIFA. Love the silly faces!

A pair of Hamilton foodies: @chamfy celebrates @hipecon’s birthday!

So many Hamilton icons in one place! @MOMENTUMCheryl and @ReeVarcoe check out everyone’s favourite cupcake place now open in Garden Place.

Nawwwwww. Cute @justlyrica goes tree planting on Arbor Day

So swish! Love the @xero stand at Fieldays from @iscolincrowley!

@skinditty hangs out with high-rollers from ‘Straya at @mysterycreek

Sneak peek into @juliehardaker’s winter garden, where roses bloom even in the cold Hamilton winter. Stunning!

Epic shot at the FIFA U20 from @leontakesshots!

@PeteClouston cheers on Colombia ahead of their game against Qatar. Great colours!

From the real thing to something a little bit different: @hornykitten snaps this cute FIFA display at everyone’s favourite comic book store @MK1Comics

And it was all yellow: @chamfy snaps Garden Place at sunset. Magic.

Gorgeous winter full moon in full bloom, from @h_ahartley!

Why play Bejewelled when you can just wear it? @chamfy finds a novel way to counteract the winter blues on a rainy Hamilton day.

Best thing about Fieldays? The totally awesome fashion! Loving the pink gumboots @Rural_News!

Despite the looming rainclouds, @mmiisskkaa indulges in a classic Hamilton pastime at the lake!

‘Mist-erious’: Beautiful early-morning shot of the famed Waikato fog from @waikato

Traffic light through the early-morning mist from @ns510x. So cool.

Amazing sight: @chamfy snaps magic oozing from @meamobile in this early morning shot.

Yet another covetable office window view in Hamilton -this time from @AdamCrouchley. Absolutely stunning, first thing in the morning!

From fog to frost: We love this closeup of an icy morning from @skinditty!

Build our own burger, @G00d_Neighbour? We’re totally there!

What’s Korean for ‘yum yum’? @hamfoodblog has the perfect winter lunch at Minsokchon!

Part 1 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Dinner at Victoria Street Bistro.

Part 2 of @UrsulaEdg’s perfect Hamilton night out: Drinks at Wonderhorse!

Worthy adversary: @waikatomuseum races us to 1,500 and wins with 3 followers to spare!

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Can You Believe It’s Autumn in Hamilton?!

Autumn in Hamilton is a beautiful time of year. Leaves in violent hues of reds and yellows are blown around on days like today. And while the people of Hamilton bundle up and prepare for the winter ahead, the city never stops.

Whether it’s great food shared with friends, international musical and sporting superstars arriving on our banks, or snap-happy Hamiltonians taking photos of their favourite icons -Hamilton is alive and kicking.

This is your latest #lovethetron roundup!

Autumnal stunner: we love days like this too, @ns510x!

Agree, @waikato!

British Deputy High Commissioner @reilly_ya snaps this eye-catching memorial to the 204 Waikato soldiers who fell in WW1

@ThievingBandito snaps the iconic HamiltON balloon flying high.

Have you tried the new menu at @G00d_Neighbour yet? We can’t wait!



The night markets on a blustery Saturday night. @ns510x is all about the comfort foods!


The perfect homemade #lovethetron breakfast always includes @VolareBread, right @richtalexander?


Hamilton’s masked foodie @HamFoodBlog dives into Japanese at Waraku on Victoria Street

We’re with @kyleebeee on this one: @WhittakersNZ + @ZealongTea is genius. Possibly our two favourite food groups, ever.

And on the topic of chocolate and tea: a girl after our own heart. This is how @chamfy does a night in with @hornykitten. Bless.

Guess who’s coming to Garden Place soon?!!!! We can’t wait either, @webtaniwha!

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: either @justlyrica and @hipecon have shrunk overnight, or kids under 20 just aren’t as small as they used to be anymore…heeh @fifau20


The chicest barber in town is now in the hippest building in town! Check out Fox Kennedy Barbers, now in the revamped Riverbank Mall. You may even run into man-about-town @webtaniwha, if you’re lucky!


@NZVic heads to RoughCut at everyone’s favourite Black Box theatre @MeteorNZ


@LeonTakesShots of New Zealand’s prettiest shopping mall at night.

We’ve been blogging for nearly three years, and we still love a good bridge shot. Classic Hamilton. Eat your heart out Harbour Bridge. Love this from @AdamCrouchley.

At 5.45am, @chamfy sits perched on the highest balcony in Hamilton watching the city come to life. Wow!


@megancampbellnz gets in early on the @fifau20 action at Waikato Stadium!

@timmacindoe cheers on Pasifika by Nature headliners, Fraser High School. Love it!


Check out this cool crew from @QuotientApp representing the Tron at #Xerocon: @Rocketspark @exsalerate

@ricky_martin popped by Hamilton and @BSMPhotography was on hand for a good bon bon shaking! 😉

Last day of school! @NZVic and the mini-Annisons head to everyone’s favourite Hamilton Happy Place.

*Melts* We love you baby red pandas from @Hamilton_Zoo!

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Dear Mr William Durning, we don’t usually do this but….

…we saw that you had tweeted the adventure of an entire meal at fancypants Hamilton establishment Domaine on #lovethetron, and we loved that you scribbled your foodthoughts all over your menu. We thought we were the only ones who did this, so it’s nice to see serious grownups at serious grownup restaurants doing the same. And clearly you have a healthy appreciation for foodporn.

We think this just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

xx @lovethetron

Mr @WGDurning Dines at Domaine


Gin and grape cured salmon and potato terrine with carrot puree

Clam time!

Clam time is very quickly over

Magic in the kitchen

More magic in the kitchen!

Pork and pistachio terrine

We are beside ourselves with food envy!

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Toto, We’re Not in Hamilton East Anymore!

To be honest,this is only half true. The iconic Mavis & Co is still in Hamilton East, but we certainly were not in Ham East when we walked into Mavis this week!

If you’ve managed to untangle our little riddle, you will have no doubt worked out that Mavis has indeed opened a second establishment across the bridge -and in the heart of the CBD.

We walked in and immediately loved it. The all-white colour scheme (the brainchild of owner, Jane), mixed with green and warm lightning here and there (not to mention the blustery weather outside) made it feel a little like Christmas -and we certainly weren’t complaining!


Mavis the Second is inconspicuously tucked away (as are all great cafes, right Milk and Honey?) on the ground floor of the beautiful red brick Wintec building, facing the wide-open plaza of the the new PwC building. Just while we’re on the topic of said plaza, we have to say: this is officially our new favourite public square in Hamilton! While Garden Place will always undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts, we’d love to see more events -maybe outdoor movies, markets or open mic nights -at the plaza on Anglesea. But we digress.

The menu at the new Mavis is short, but eclectic and reminiscent of another great Hamilton institution: Scott’s Epicurean (okonomiyaki, or Jamaican ceviche, anyone?). Regulars at Mavis’s Bridge Street premises will recognise a similar vein of fun and interesting combinations to try.


And, of course, who is Mavis without her Clarence? Word on the street is that this new iteration of Mavis will also be open in the evenings with a brand new after-4 menu. If the friendly service and delicious fare we received during the day is anything to go by, it’s a sure bet we’ll be returning after sundown!


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For The Love of Food

From streetfood to speciality bakeries, we’ve spent the summer eating our way across Hamilton. Scroll down for a little taster of some of our favourites.

Hamilton Nightmarkets














Girl On a Swing Cupcakes

Waikato Food and Wine Festival

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

A Midsummer Night’s Snow at Parachute! Beautiful, from @NZVic.

Winefest: @flibertygibbety heads to Mystery Creek for the Vineyard Tour on a beautiful Friday night.

It’s a Hamilton safari for @chamfy, hanging out with white rhinos at Hamilton Zoo!

@ZooWildMan's red panda friends are making us die of cuteness!

@ZooWildMan’s red panda friends are making us die of cuteness!

Fiji Baby? Or the next best thing: @kyleeBeee heads to the new Tropical Garden at Hamilton Gardens.

The Hanging Gardens of Hamilton. @teradar and @staceyolivernz are certainly impressed!

The Hanging Gardens of Hamilton. @teradar and @staceyolivernz are certainly impressed with the new Tropical Garden!

Every evening, at sunset, Hamilton magically transforms into a tropical paradise. But shh, it's our little secret, right @tarasutherland? ;)

Every evening, at sunset, Hamilton magically transforms into a tropical paradise. But shh, it’s our little secret, right @tarasutherland? 😉

Mazes and Dragons: @DarkroomJesse hangs out at the newly-opened Tudor Gardens.

We love that there are so many new gardens opening at the Hamilton Gardens. @DarkroomJesse hangs out at the newly-opened Tudor Gardens.

It’s a beautiful Hamilton summer for cricket, right @WWright360? We’re betting @blackcaps would agree!

Clash of the Warriors: The amazing summer of sport in Hamilton continues as @WiganWarriorsRL take on @NZWarriors at Waikato Stadium. This from @its_carene.

@tarasutherland gets into the league spirit at Waikato Stadium!

@tarasutherland gets into the league spirit at Waikato Stadium!

@amj_nz snaps the Bridge St Bridge illuminated at night.

We love #chamfyfoodporn from @chamfy, especially when it’s from Banh Mi Cafe, and when it comes with festive Chinese New Year pouches!

Croquettes and crockery: more deliciousness from @chamfy at the new Chim-Choo-Ree.

Noms! @its_carene has our tastebuds envious with pizza and cider at @HouseonHood!

Noms! @its_carene has our tastebuds envious with pizza and cider at @HouseonHood!

Look who dropped into Artspost to help rebuild Christchurch! Head on over and check out this and more new works.

Here's an old friend we haven't seen in a while. It's Captain Hamiltron, courtesy of the incredibly talented @JMiddleton_imgs.

Here’s an old friend we haven’t seen in a while. It’s Captain Hamiltron, courtesy of the incredibly talented @JMiddleton_imgs.

Dragons herald in the lunar new year, and @HamiltonWaikato was there to soak up the atmosphere!

Chinese New Years Revelling: @timmacindoe welcomes the Year of the Horse at Garden Place

The best thing about wandering past @centre_place on summer evenings is the wafting scent of jasmines. Love!

@puketotara celebrates World Wetlands Day at beautiful Waiwhakareke.

It's a beautiful #smalltownfest for @JessVandy at Raglan

It’s a beautiful #smalltownfest for @JessVandy at Raglan

Spotted by @AnnaJaneWilkins : an all-natural swimming spot tucked away in the Tron. Too pretty!

@WriteOnNZ goes for a wander around Hamilton's Lake Rotoroa and spots some quirky #HamiltonHousePorn

@WriteOnNZ goes for a wander around Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa and spots some quirky #HamiltonHousePorn

...and on the topic of quirky architectural features, @jessvandy spots wall art by Shida & Eno on Waitangi Day

…and on the topic of quirky architectural features, @jessvandy spots wall art by Shida & Eno on Waitangi Day

More #smalltownfest fun with @hello_im_megan at Te Pahu.

More #smalltownfest fun with @hello_im_megan at Te Pahu.

Best friends: @tarasutherland snaps an intimate moment between man and pitbull

Best friends: @tarasutherland snaps an intimate moment between man and pitbull

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Green Eggs and Hamilton

Unlike most kids growing up in the 80s and 90s (or even the 60s through to eternity, for that matter) I was not brought up on a steady diet of Dr Seuss books. So different was my diet -both in the culinary and literary senses -that a mention of Green Eggs and Ham would have conjured up not affable, whimsical creatures with fur in funny places, but rather a repository of unrelated associations including black, gelatinous ‘hundred-year old’ eggs, early Marxism and truly awful spam. So it is safe to say that I certain would not have liked the sound of green eggs and ham (certainly not, Sam-I-Am!).

However, fast forward several decades, and much to my surprise and amusement, I have found that the good doctor has well and truly lodged himself in both my stomach and my vernacular. These days, I find myself saying ‘green eggs and ham, please’ at cafes around town with such regularity that I wonder whether I might one day find myself at the fish stand at the Hamilton Farmers Markets trying to decide between three fish and blue fish.

Scott’s Epicurean

Green Eggs and Ham has been a fixture on the breakfast menu at Scott’s Epicurean for as far back as I can remember. Considering the ever-changing nature of their eclectic offerings, I have always thought that the ability for this one dish to hold fast on the menu to be a testament to the strength of its character. Perhaps like the little dish that could.

I ordered the Green Eggs and Ham the very first time I tried out Scott’s. I guess you always do go for the known over the unknown (even if you, like me, had only ever really heard a handful of references to the thing in question), and in an amongst the melange of exotic-sounding, tongue-twisty breakfast options, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ was a shining beacon of familiarity.

Since that first time three years ago, I have been a firm fan. I have, of course, deviated at times to try almost everything else, like the aglio olio (stunning and also green!), the delicious Pad Thai, and the bubble and squeak (great for a hangover). I confess to loving the healthy breakfast with the salmon gravlax, and the simple poached eggs on toast is always a winner. Green Eggs and Ham, however is special. The ‘green’ eggs, creamy and scrambled, are flecked with specks of parsley (for the green, of course) and the bacon that comes on the side (the ‘ham’) is cooked to crisp perfection.

With its century-old premises (a prominent jeweler’s in another lifetime), replete with high, ornate ceilings and impeccable service, it is not hard to see how Scott’s would be high on Hamilton’s list of must-eats in the CBD. And the first thing I would recommend to all first-timers at Scott’s? The Green Eggs and Ham, of course.

Momento Espresso

A block or so down from Scott’s, on the corner of Hood and Victoria streets sits the flagship cafe of the Momento empire. Rumour has it that this was the original site of the legendary Paul’s Book Arcade before it moved to what is now Metropolis Caffe (a Hamiltonian icon in its own right). I have yet to verify whether this is fact or fiction (heh, pun not intended), but the matching checkered floors at both establishments may possibly offer a clue.

Despite my obviously slick sleuthing skills, I have to confess I am not entirely sure when Green Eggs first appeared on the menu at Momento, despite the fact that I have hung out there for countless coffees, the occasional wine, and many cheeky conversations with Dan the barista (before the Great Reshuffle of 2013 which saw him defect to Milk and Honey to replace Liam who moved on to the new Chim-Choo-Ree).

Ever since coming across Green Eggs on the menu quite by chance, this has fast become a favourite Hamilton breakfast offering, particularly for the (very small) health nut in me. While the meal does not come with ‘ham’, the incorrigible carnivores amongst us can definitely order a side of bacon to go with it. The eggs come poached and white, while the ‘green’ is achieved by a coterie of viridescent seasonal vegetables like spinach, asparagus and courgette which are -in an unexpected twist -stir-fried, Asian-style. The star of the dish is without a doubt the generous helpings of soft, wholegrain bread which deliciously and expertly soaks up the egg yolk and vegetable juices. Heaven!

To be fair, I should not be too surprised that Green Eggs and Hamilton is such a natural combination. While I am totally late to the party on this, it seems that 17 years ago, in 1997, local student radio station ContactFM (@contactfmnz) released a compilation titled Green Eggs and Hamilton to celebrate their 21st birthday, which featured a whole selection of independent local music, including the likes of Rumpus Room and MSU (which, surprisingly I had heard of!).

So, Hamilton, thank you for getting me into Green Eggs and Ham. I guess it really is never too late for me to add to my childhood memories.

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