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Can You Believe It’s Autumn in Hamilton?!

Autumn in Hamilton is a beautiful time of year. Leaves in violent hues of reds and yellows are blown around on days like today. And while the people of Hamilton bundle up and prepare for the winter ahead, the city never stops.

Whether it’s great food shared with friends, international musical and sporting superstars arriving on our banks, or snap-happy Hamiltonians taking photos of their favourite icons -Hamilton is alive and kicking.

This is your latest #lovethetron roundup!

Autumnal stunner: we love days like this too, @ns510x!

Agree, @waikato!

British Deputy High Commissioner @reilly_ya snaps this eye-catching memorial to the 204 Waikato soldiers who fell in WW1

@ThievingBandito snaps the iconic HamiltON balloon flying high.

Have you tried the new menu at @G00d_Neighbour yet? We can’t wait!



The night markets on a blustery Saturday night. @ns510x is all about the comfort foods!


The perfect homemade #lovethetron breakfast always includes @VolareBread, right @richtalexander?


Hamilton’s masked foodie @HamFoodBlog dives into Japanese at Waraku on Victoria Street

We’re with @kyleebeee on this one: @WhittakersNZ + @ZealongTea is genius. Possibly our two favourite food groups, ever.

And on the topic of chocolate and tea: a girl after our own heart. This is how @chamfy does a night in with @hornykitten. Bless.

Guess who’s coming to Garden Place soon?!!!! We can’t wait either, @webtaniwha!

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: either @justlyrica and @hipecon have shrunk overnight, or kids under 20 just aren’t as small as they used to be anymore…heeh @fifau20


The chicest barber in town is now in the hippest building in town! Check out Fox Kennedy Barbers, now in the revamped Riverbank Mall. You may even run into man-about-town @webtaniwha, if you’re lucky!


@NZVic heads to RoughCut at everyone’s favourite Black Box theatre @MeteorNZ


@LeonTakesShots of New Zealand’s prettiest shopping mall at night.

We’ve been blogging for nearly three years, and we still love a good bridge shot. Classic Hamilton. Eat your heart out Harbour Bridge. Love this from @AdamCrouchley.

At 5.45am, @chamfy sits perched on the highest balcony in Hamilton watching the city come to life. Wow!


@megancampbellnz gets in early on the @fifau20 action at Waikato Stadium!

@timmacindoe cheers on Pasifika by Nature headliners, Fraser High School. Love it!


Check out this cool crew from @QuotientApp representing the Tron at #Xerocon: @Rocketspark @exsalerate

@ricky_martin popped by Hamilton and @BSMPhotography was on hand for a good bon bon shaking! 😉

Last day of school! @NZVic and the mini-Annisons head to everyone’s favourite Hamilton Happy Place.

*Melts* We love you baby red pandas from @Hamilton_Zoo!

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Anzac day

Commemorating and considering the effort and loss that happened during the great war and all other wars is a hugely individual experience; but also one where people come together for dawn parades, church services and to lay wreaths. This year our city commemorated the ANZAC centenary with a statute created by Matt Gauldie being unveiled on Victoria street as seen below as well as a widely attended parade, poppies on the newly renamed ANZAC bridge and an exhibit opening at the Waikato Museum. 

This first picture is from twitter and was posted by @adamcrouchley we don’t think we’ve ever seen the newly renamed ANZAC parade this busy and to see so many Hamiltonians to stop and consider loss, the war and our nation is really touching.


These next two photos were also posted on twitter by none other than Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner Patrick Reilly who laid a wreath and attended the ceremony at memorial park; but also got a picture of the new statue of Sapper Moore on Victoria Street created by Matt Gauldie


This next picture is from @kiwivix on instagram and shows the exhibit happening right now at the Waikato Museum. 


Once again from @adamcrouchley we think this picture is stunning with it’s poppies, blurred crowds and light bursts. It really shows the energy and uniqueness that comes from people gathering early in the morning to reflect on our past. 


From is a great photo about how ANZAC day comes alive especially for those in currently in service with this soldier taking a moment to reflect. 

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Waikato University






Mainly taken in autumn and summer, the university’s best seasons, these are just a slice of what there is to see on campus and the fascinating things that go on there.

Out in Hillcrest each year the University adds students, academics and an air of grace, purpose and innovation to our city. Hamilton is blessed to have such an institution – with its outrageously pretty grounds that are unique in New Zealand – so we’d like to wish a happy 50th Anniversary to Waikato University!

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Hamilton East Village Market

“Anything and everything a chap can unload…”

I kept this line in mind from disney’s bed knobs and broomsticks film as I wandered around the Hamilton East Village Market. There’s something about this market that really represents the Hamilton East identity from the bric a brac to local jam and soap. I really love the diverse range of markets that we have access to in Hamilton, because they are a really great way to support local and create a community.

There’s more information about it so you can make sure to visit next time it’s on. Anyone setting up a flat or new house or cafe absolutely needs to check out all the curiosities while for families you can pick up plants for a day gardening, American sweets, soaps and rows and rows of board games and books. Then after all your shopping is done you can relax with a coffee or hot chocolate at Mavis or Rocket espresso.

Basically this market can be a part of the perfect local cheap day out.

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Toto, We’re Not in Hamilton East Anymore!

To be honest,this is only half true. The iconic Mavis & Co is still in Hamilton East, but we certainly were not in Ham East when we walked into Mavis this week!

If you’ve managed to untangle our little riddle, you will have no doubt worked out that Mavis has indeed opened a second establishment across the bridge -and in the heart of the CBD.

We walked in and immediately loved it. The all-white colour scheme (the brainchild of owner, Jane), mixed with green and warm lightning here and there (not to mention the blustery weather outside) made it feel a little like Christmas -and we certainly weren’t complaining!


Mavis the Second is inconspicuously tucked away (as are all great cafes, right Milk and Honey?) on the ground floor of the beautiful red brick Wintec building, facing the wide-open plaza of the the new PwC building. Just while we’re on the topic of said plaza, we have to say: this is officially our new favourite public square in Hamilton! While Garden Place will always undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts, we’d love to see more events -maybe outdoor movies, markets or open mic nights -at the plaza on Anglesea. But we digress.

The menu at the new Mavis is short, but eclectic and reminiscent of another great Hamilton institution: Scott’s Epicurean (okonomiyaki, or Jamaican ceviche, anyone?). Regulars at Mavis’s Bridge Street premises will recognise a similar vein of fun and interesting combinations to try.


And, of course, who is Mavis without her Clarence? Word on the street is that this new iteration of Mavis will also be open in the evenings with a brand new after-4 menu. If the friendly service and delicious fare we received during the day is anything to go by, it’s a sure bet we’ll be returning after sundown!


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On a sunny day we sure do know that the best place to be is the lake. There are things for all ages to do here; walk around it, have a picnic play on the play grounds, walk the dog or grab a cup of tea at the cafe.

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Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup and 50th blogpost!

This is for real: @webtaniwha snaps Neil Dawson’s artwork, ‘Ripples’, suspends above autumnal trees on the banks of the Waikato River.

@flibertygibbety enjoys the decor at Chim Choo Ree while having the yummiest.dinner.ever.

@chamfy keeps warm at Milk and Honey with a vege pie, lolly cake and Oolong tea.

Spreading the love: We are pretty sure Hamilton has a secret traffic light fairy!

Creative fashion on the runway at the Wearable Ag Awards at Fieldays! Mayor @juliehardakernz was there to capture the moment.

It may be unassuming from the outside, but we peeked into @Soda_Inc’s loading bay and found some cool art on the walls!

We went to visit Creative Waikato’s new space and fell in love with their Underwater Collective mural!

@webtaniwha peeks through the window of Artspost and spies the Bank on Victoria Street.

We love Frankton Sushi, and we especially love their gorgeous calling cards.

@maohv8 on an early (and breathtaking) start to Fieldays.

@webtaniwha visits talented artist Adrian Worsley’s entry at the NZ Farmer Sculpture Competition at Fieldays. Love it!

Separated at birth? @jessemulligan visits the Tron for Fieldays and takes the time out to hang with Captain Hamiltron.

Hamilton’s own boutique brewery @GoodGeorgeBeer proves Fieldays is more than just about cows. @webtaniwha was there to enjoy!

The Other George: @kiwicanary loves the Little George pop-up bar, and so do we!

@webtaniwha snaps balloons rising above Fieldays. Love that balloons are such a big part of Hamilton’s identity!

On top of being named a Top 50 University, Waikato University reminds @chamfy of Tsinghua University. Excellent!

Celebrity chef @joshemmett returns home for Fieldays, and takes the time out to hang with @jess_vandy. We are envious!

Hamilton Garden Guerillas use their powers for good by picking apples to deliver to community groups. Follow more of their secret adventures at @HAMStreetGarden!

Nom noms! @MeggieB_B and her flatties do brunch at the Coffee and Food Establishment.

Another Masterchef on this week’s roundup: Ray McVinnie enjoys
Russian Fudge from Hamilton’s own @DonovancsChoc at the Food Show.

@BethanyPawson thinks Hamilton East is gorgeous. We concur!

Love the @nourishmagazine stall at Tamahere!

It’s always a beautiful day at the Hamilton Lake. Love that this is in the centre of our city! From @ndbrennan.

@DarkroomJesse happens upon a slice of Hamilton’s history on his wanders

Another piece of Hamilton's railroad history from @davejac

Another piece of Hamilton’s railroad history from @davejac

Pretty foggy morning over Seddon Park, from @camerashai.

Looking for fun things to do with the kids? @webtaniwha recommends the new Planet Warriors at @waikatomuseum.

A bit of old school fun for grown ups from @ndbrennan at the Bowlevard!

@JessMolina snaps the pretty lights of Hamilton City through the rain

@JessMolina snaps the lights of Hamilton City

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