Auckland Dads for Hamilton Living // Episode 1

Listen, every movement starts with one person -right?

It’s no different with the latest craze to hit the Auckland Dad* Scene, where the hottest ticket on offer is the city of Hamilton, where the houses are more liveable, the commute is more palatable and the weekends are for doing Things Dads Like.

For years now, we’ve had a long-distance relationship over the internet with Auckland Dad, Max Johns, who has finally moved to Hamilton with his young family. Or rather -moved back to Hamilton, given this is where he is originally from, before going onto wreck havoc and mischief elsewhere. He’ll tell you all kinds of factors were considered in the decision to move to Hamilton, but we maintain that all it takes is one twitter account shaming you non-stop for living in an inferior city (Auckland) over a number of years.

Max isn’t alone in the decision to move here.  Hamilton’s suburbs are filled to the brim with de facto members of Auckland Dads for Hamilton Living (or, as we like to call it AD4HL), of which we’ve also made Max de facto club president without his permission. What we do have his permission to do, however, is give the internet an authentic account of what it’s like to be a young Auckland family that’s just moved to Hamilton in the last month or so.

Max has really kindly agreed to provide us with snippets of discovery, re-discovery and insight into what it’s like to move to Hamilton, through easy-to-digest photos and the occasional written observation.

So here goes, Episode 1 of Auckland Dads for Hamilton Living

Saturday 27 July  Chiefs v Crusaders Semi-Final at Waikato Stadium // Dad Level +100



Tuesday 1 August Daily Commute with the Kiddo // Dad Level +578490

Max says: In Auckland, our 2-year-old had a 25 minute car ride to day care every day. And a 25-minute car ride home again. In Hamilton, the trip looks like this:




Not a bad life so far! Stay tuned for more episodes from Auckland Dads for Hamilton Living. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, feel free to pop it on the blog or talk to Max himself @mxdej.

Peace out

xoxo lovethetron




*also Mum Scene.



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