Voting open for the #lovethetron Flash Fiction competition 

The first ever  #lovethetron Flash Fiction competition has now closed.

Over the last 24 hours we were happily flooded with entries that ranged from gory bloodbaths involving the Mayor and his ‘Red Baron’ through to fantastical reimaginings of commuter transport.

As per the rules, and with great difficulty,  we’ve picked our top four stories for you to vote on via Twitter.

So here goes…

The inspiration for this #Flashfiction challenge was the picture below by @durningalison

The Top Four Stories

A. The chopper caused a chorus from the kindy kids. All except one, who watched it land beside the hospital with quiet eyes and vivid memories. -@ALJwrites

B. ‘Why must you go?!’ the child cried. ‘I’m wearing the wrong outfit,’ she said sadly. All the women understood -she hadn’t gotten the memo. -@chamfy

C. After surveying the land of Caigerdom, Squire Brian & his team gathered to design a new city. The King sent Red Baron to put a halt to it. -@NZVic 

D. Jealous of the quality of our music, an Auckland Overground Push was launched against Hamilton Underground Press. -@HtownWiki

Get voting! Link here.

xoxo lovethetron 


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