Celebrate Hamilton!

Each year we try and do something a bit special for Christmas. In 2014 we went big with the Hamilton Christmas Cookbook, this year we are feeling our age a bit- 3 whole years of being on the internet, tweeting in the streets and hiding our identities; it has been a year full of Pecha Kucha pranks, coffees, photos, Brian Squair fan club organising, tweeting, thinking about blogging (but not always following through). It’s been busy but we’re still excited about this sweet and wonderful city!

So this year we’re still doing something special but we’re keeping it simple: as simple as the joy of just going for a walk along the river, as simple as Scott’s green eggs and ham and as simple as lying in the sun.

This year our Christmas is going to be focused around the word celebrate- because we think celebrating perfectly sums up Hamilton, summertime and Christmas.

Now HOW we’ll be celebrating… well stay tuned, you’ll just have to wait and see what we’ve got in store!


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