The First-Ever Hamilton Mafia End-of-Year Shindig!

This Sunday 22 November, bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your dogs, bring your grandmother. The Mafia is in town and they’re in the mood for a party!


This is a photo of the last time a bunch of Twitterati tried to take a photo together. We think we can beat this -if not in the hipness stakes, then surely by numbers!

4pm Turtle Lake Steps | The Hamilton Class of 2015 -Class Photo

What better way to say “Hey rest of New Zealand, I lived in Hamilton before you discovered it was cool” than to have photographic proof, right ?!

Your favourite Hamilton photographers (to be announced shortly) will be on hand to take an old-fashioned class photo of Hamilton’s Twitterati and their entourages (kids, friends, dogs, grandma), and capture the Hamilton life in 2015.

There will be people sitting in rows, there will be mischief and silly faces, and (because Hamilton is cool) uniforms are not mandatory, but costumes are very much encouraged


4:30pm Onwards Rhododendron Lawn | Party Like it’s 2015!

Bring your picnic blankets and bottles of bubbles and move onto the Turtle Lake End of the Rhododendron Lawn for a proper party with food markets galore (see picture below), and make honest friends out of your favourite Hamilton Twitterati!


Meanwhile, the Food Gods of Hamilton have organised this for you for the evening:

csspsthu8aecyocPhoto of Gourmet at the Gardens stolen from @NZVic


…and now for the rumours:

Rumour #1: We may attend if there are enough people to hide amongst. Look for us hiding in the bushes, watching and waiting.

Rumour #2: there will be cake!!!

Rumour #3: There will be a guest appearance by a legendary Hamilton Tweeter who has gone M.I.A. for far too long.


Here is one that @georgiepie_nz prepared for you (a few years) earlier. The last time there was something involving Hamilton Mafia and cake, it made the front page of the news!

Who is The Hamilton Mafia?

Click Here to Enter the Hamilton Mafia Project




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