#YouHadToBeThere: The Hippest Deal in Hamilton

A post in memory of Rod Drury’s awkward taste in coffee:

“…there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be the Coffee Mafia, proving them wrong.”

It’s not everyday that we do two posts on the same topic back-to-back, but we can’t help this one -there are photos to show!!!

The Coffee Mafia are -to quote @chamfy: “the hippest deal in town” -and this latest excursion of theirs had some of Hamilton’s hottest Cafficianados in attendance.

Bloggers, trend-setters, masters of the universe, and people who generally love coffee converged at It-cafe, Mr Milton’s Canteen, to meet and confer on their love of a good brew. Meanwhile, we were creepily lurking around town, trying not to be seen (although we did spot @lyssacecelia, @wgdurning and @stepdoran on the scene).

This is one of many semi-spontaneous-social-stranger-coffee-mafia-dates to happen in the past few weeks. Others have included, turning up for SL28 coffee and toasties to watch @darkroomjesse get his beard chopped at Fox Kennedy and mid-morning coffee and scheming at Mavis Made to Order.

We’re declaring the Mid-Morning Coffee Party officially the new ‘after-work-drinks’. We have it on good authority that new friends and connections were made amongst strangers in the CBD, and that the coffee buzz may almost rival the tingle from a few rounds of Good George (and ps: no hangover).

Further proving that the Coffee Mafia is where it’s at, the group was somewhat stealthily joined by Hamilton’s answer to Peter Parker: @GedCann. We won’t reveal too much, except to say that this Wellingtronian-turned-Hamiltonian novice coffee connoisseur is growing on us, and you should keep an eye out for his story on coffee, coming out soon!

In the meantime, the pics:



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