Can You Believe It’s Coffee in Hamilton?!

According to Wikipedia and other reliable sources (@hornykitten), 29 September is New Zealand National Coffee Day, with International Coffee Day following close on its heels on 1 October.

In any case, living in New Zealand’s real coffee capital means we don’t need a special excuse to celebrate coffee, buuuut give us an excuse and we’ll take it 😉

Long before the rest of the country became obsessed with the liquid black gold (and its flat, white counterpart), in 1952 a man by the name of Bob opened a delicatessen on Garden Place. With the aid of imported percolators, grinders and coffee machines, Bob began blending coffee beans and servicing European clientele, with a view to awakening Kiwi tastebuds.

Ahead of his time, Bob offered three grinds: fine, medium or coarse, and if customers moved out of Hamilton, he would post them their coffee by mail in brown paper bags tied with string (rumour has it Bob is still the envy of hipster baristas everywhere).

While he went by the unassuming name of ‘Bob’, amongst Hamiltonians and friends, the rest of the country now knows him as Robert Harris – the original GodFather of New Zealand Coffee.

Proof that we are not a one-hit wonder, Hamilton and the wider Waikato have continued to produce exceptional coffee roasters, cafes and cafe culture.

Rocket Coffee, Essenza, Manuka Brothers and Raglan Roast are only a few Hamilton names that have cities like Wellington mistakenly claiming they have ‘good coffee’.

Coffee houses are the new public houses, and a visit to one in the middle of the day can yield any number of treasures, from new friends to exceptional cake (another Hamiltonian pastime), to breakthrough ideas (#lovethetron was conceived in a Hamilton coffee shop, after all).

More recently, local coffee fanatics have been finding each other on the internet and meeting to wax lyrical about their mutual love of coffee. The Hamilton Coffee Club is a group of Hamilton twitterati who have started to meet at various inner city cafes to discuss the inner workings of the bean.

Led by local coffee blogger @LyssaCecilia and joined by other tweeters and particularly enthusiastic members of the Hamilton Mafia Project, we’re expecting big insights and discoveries in the realm of coffee (and also the general whereabouts of one @BrianSquair, who is apparently apt to go M.I.A.).

And just as a wee reminder of exactly how much Hamiltonians are into coffee, here is your #lovethetron roundup of Coffee in the Tron.

What do you do when your other half is being shorn at @fox_k_barbersco ? You make like @whetu_teua and head to SL28!

Heaven sent? @h_ahartley heads to Coffee Culture in between services.

@kyleebeee Jams at Queenwood

Another one Jamming at Queenwood: @hamfoodblog partakes in another great Hamilton tradition – brunch!

Hamilton’s favourite ‘It-Girl’ @jessmolina snaps the carnage from the first official meeting of the Hamilton Coffee Club at Mavis Made to Order!

Wannabe-filmmaker @chamfy finds this nifty little setup early one morning on the banks of the Waikato River.

Just because you’re called @beer_pix doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a great coffee from Hazel Hayes, right? 😉

@hamfoodblog claims the unassuming @rocket_coffee is the best in town -big call!

One from the annals of Hamilton Coffee History: sunshine and coffee at the Milk and Honey balcony during Christmastime. This is possibly one of the most perfect ‘Hamilton’ experiences, @webtaniwha.

And another Milk and Honey memory from @kat_c1ark! Weird coffee contraptions floating high above the city? Totally normal.

@webtaniwha discovers that the coffee at Jack’s makes good things happen.

@skinditty knows that a good fluffy at Mr Milton’s is the gateway to a lifetime obsession with good coffee!

Georgie, George and Milton: Perfectly Hamilton, right @georgie_pienz?! 😉

@ns510x does coffee and cake at the iconic Scott’s Epicurean.

It’s not a Sunday at Scott’s if @megancampbellnz + family aren’t coffeeing and bonding!

And finally…Rock ‘n’ Roll at cafes? Totally a thing! Just ask @DutchCatNZ and her other half @DarkroomJesse, rocking out at Agora in Frankton.


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