Anzac day

Commemorating and considering the effort and loss that happened during the great war and all other wars is a hugely individual experience; but also one where people come together for dawn parades, church services and to lay wreaths. This year our city commemorated the ANZAC centenary with a statute created by Matt Gauldie being unveiled on Victoria street as seen below as well as a widely attended parade, poppies on the newly renamed ANZAC bridge and an exhibit opening at the Waikato Museum. 

This first picture is from twitter and was posted by @adamcrouchley we don’t think we’ve ever seen the newly renamed ANZAC parade this busy and to see so many Hamiltonians to stop and consider loss, the war and our nation is really touching.


These next two photos were also posted on twitter by none other than Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner Patrick Reilly who laid a wreath and attended the ceremony at memorial park; but also got a picture of the new statue of Sapper Moore on Victoria Street created by Matt Gauldie


This next picture is from @kiwivix on instagram and shows the exhibit happening right now at the Waikato Museum. 


Once again from @adamcrouchley we think this picture is stunning with it’s poppies, blurred crowds and light bursts. It really shows the energy and uniqueness that comes from people gathering early in the morning to reflect on our past. 


From is a great photo about how ANZAC day comes alive especially for those in currently in service with this soldier taking a moment to reflect. 

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