Two Birds Eatery





So Hamilton has started to heat up and everyone is eagerly awaiting the moment when they get to migrate to the beach or stay in Hamilton and have a snooze under the shade at Hamilton Gardens. And when it comes to food at this time of year, regardless of whether we’re staying here or going away, we always look for the healthy stuff, so finding Two Birds was quite the revelation.

More instagramable food here

We’ve been visiting Two Birds since they opened- and on gloomy days we often find ourselves reaching for one of their Green Tease smoothie. Two Birds Eatery has salads and healthy smoothies and cakes that you don’t need to take a nap after eating (although – there’s nothing quite like a good post-sweet-treat-stupor on a hot Hamilton day to get you wanting to take a dip in the river!). They also do coffees AND are open late nights for cocktails, wine and dinners.

The really special thing about Two Birds is that they show that there is space for entrepreneurial ventures in Hamilton, which target the things that are important to a new generation of young Hamiltonians who are just as savvy as their counterparts around the world about the marriage of health and taste when it comes to dining out. A very smart move, we think!



Note: Photo Credits via Two Birds Eatery Instagram, and no monies were exchanged in the writing of this post (except for when we turned up anonymously and paid for our own food ages ago).


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