50+ Hamilton Tweeters You Should Be Following In 2014

In 1864, Hamilton was born. In 1914, Hamilton celebrated 50 years -still a borough. In 1964, we were a city celebrating 100 years. And now, in 2014, we’ve been alive for a glorious 150 years.

Amongst the multitude of things that have gradually changed between then and now -horse-drawn carts, a hill at Garden Place, cars floating down the river (read the Waikato Times birthday supplement for a full list) -there’s one thing that sets this milestone apart from all others: the Hamilton Twitterverse.

Even as far as 50 years ago, it would have been unfathomable to think that over a thousand Hamiltonians in the city and around the world could -at the drop of a hat- communicate with the whole world what they’re eating, drinking, thinking, doing (or even better: what their cats are eating, drinking, thinking, doing etc) in Hamilton at any given time. That they could do this anywhere, anytime, and provide pictures and videos and drawings.

Imagine if they could, though and history managed to preserve all of those stories. We would know what the teenage boy at Beale cottage had for dinner, and what cross-stiches the lady of the house at Greenslade learned this week. We’d know what a beautiful day out on the river looked like through Caesar Roose’s eyes, and the frustrations that Mary Jane Innes vented about trying to get her business off the ground. The Chandlers would have probably selfied the high-life, and Mayor James Bond could’ve proven he was the original 007.

The interwebs is a time capsule of sort (but shh, don’t tell the French!), and the #lovethetron movement is the collective memory of everyone of you who tweets about the city. Your stories are the real stories of our city. Instead of burying this baby underground for 50 years, we’ll continue to collect your stories for years to come.

Already we’re seeing so much change in front of our eyes: from @cakeburger and @louise_bee getting married, and Mooloo Baby growing up in front of our eyes, to following @DarkroomJesse and @DutchCat around the world on our television screens -these are the stories that will define our time.

There are so many Hamilton tweeters who make up the crazy, interesting and sometimes absurd but always wonderful Hamilton Twitterverse. To see a full list, jump onto @lovethetron and look at all 1000+ followers of the movement.

But here, for your 150th birthday Hamilton, this is our pick (in no particular order) of 50+ Hamilton Tweeters You Should Follow.

Happy birthday, Kirikiriroa! Here’s to a dazzling life ahead.

The Creatives

Miss @flibertygibbety

She’s queen of the city’s creatives and oodles of fun!

Hamilton fashion icon and editor of coolest little fashmag Blacklisted.

The most influential Hamiltonian photographer of our time. His work is edgy, unique and totally stealth.

This Princess of Hamilton lives high up in the tallest window of the land with her vege gardens and views of Ruapehu.

Work. Play. Sleep. Access Radio DJ. Ska. Reggae. Rocksteady. Blues. Soul. Funk. Harmonica. Family. Faith in God. Food. New Zealand

Cool, crisp, fresh photos of the Tron and beyond. Stunning events photos too!


The Happy Places

The best George!

Head of the George family, which includes Little George and Good Neighbour. Follow one, follow them all, all the way to the land of NZ’s craft beer.

Part interactive historical archive, part art gallery. There’s so much going on that we can barely keep up. Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment here!

One of Hamilton’s most unique landmarks, and the hugest repository of black-and-white Hamilton photographs. Also the loveliest people.

Go there. Drool.

Love these guys and their pop-up galleries on Alexandra Street. Talk to Craig the friendly Irish guy if you’re ever into chats about independent art.

Your daily source of foodporn and deals (and retro-decor) on the Hamilton interwebs.

Your other daily source of foodporn and deals (and garden decor) on the Hamilton interwebs.

@flibertygibbety’s kingdom. Part walk-in gallery, part functioning office space. Always funky.

The best little black box theatre in New Zealand!


The Twitterati

@MissB_NZ and the little one. Cute!

Wife of @cakeburger and annual #HamiltonMafia PS I Love You watcher.

Our favourite thespian and best lovethetron cake maker!

Alter-ego of @HamiltonRingRd and mum to the sweetest little boy.

Alter-ego of @MissB_NZ, NZ social media superstar and Hamilton’s Mafia Queen.

She eats food, twitpics food, doodles food and makes food out of play doh.

Hamilton’s man-about-town and one-man cheerleading team for the city.

Director by day, food tweeter by night. We first discovered him when he tweeted the entirety of a multi-course meal at Domaine, and we’ve been fast friends ever since!

We’re jealous of her great hair! Also a great source of photos of Raglan and celebs who come to the Tron.

This is how Mr Jac explains himself: http://xkcd.com/505/

Hamilton’s favourite pet photographer!

This lady’s a PR powerhouse all on her own. Frequently snapped at iconic local events and locations.

They’re besties with Colin from Trek n Travel. We feel a connection.

Following Lady Penelope involves lots of armchair travel and food from markets. Not complaining!

Cheers on the Norwich City side in the UK and Melville United over here.

Big smile and much George.


The Writers

Couldn’t resist a pic of Mooloo Baby and his amazing mum, @angelacuming!

Writer of opinions and creator of brilliant comics. Also husband to @louise_bee.

Our first fan from way back in 2012, and the hard-hitting journo who nearly unmasked us at Zealong. Also, mother to Mooloo Baby, the cutest rugby fan on the interwebs.

Columnist on all things Hamilton, and always happy to engage in a Twitterchat. Also father to the first female Doctor 😉

They’re our local. Also they love Hamilton. Also home of some of our fave people like @aimocronin and @_JennaMarie_

Great hair and master of the pen.

Train rider, and lover of Ronnie’s. Writes nice things about Hamilton in fancy magazines. ‘Your’ Cool, Steve.

Best music writer in town. Words like music to our ears.

Makes you want to cycle and bus everywhere.

The smartest selfies in town.


The Felines

@hornykitten: a cat with horns!

Housepet and overlord of @angelacuming.

This pornstar-turned-economist who travels the world combines a fierce intelligence with killer wit and just the right dose of ridiculousness. Not a pornbot.

She reads a lot, and still thinks of Hamilton sometimes even though she’s defected to the Supercity.


The Brains

@waikato, you brainy beauty!

They don’t just tweet about the law!

Proof that librarians can be incredibly cool.

All about the best university in New Zealand.

Head of the family of a whole host of cool Wintec-related accounts including @WintecMediaArts and @WintecSpark

Where magical things incubate.


The Expats

The Man from Mexico: @hirawani

Satiating your tech-fetish, live from Londontown.

This ex-Hamiltonian City of Sails-er will keep you updated on where all the cool telcos at.

This expat polyglotic re-Tweeter will bring you information from all around the interwebs, whether it’s Auckland transport woes, beards or cats.

Works in: Mexico. Lives in: Wellington. Supports: Argentina. You figure it out!


The Fairy Godpeople

Globe-Trotting Do-Gooders @Darkroomjesse and @DutchCatNZ

Hamilton’s Head Angel. Sprinkles fairydust wherever she goes.

The coolest Bishop around!

Hamilton Mafia’s GodFather. He’s the best dad in town, to his own kids and so many foster kids. In his spare time, he likes to chill out by playing music and racing Aussies around the globe on the Amazing Race.

Wife of @DarkroomJesse. As amazing as he is. And most beautiful smile on television!


Red Panda Friends

Red pandas at @hamilton_zoo awww!

Works with children and animals.

Friend of the chimps.

Land of the red pandas.

Ex-talking head, now the friendliest man at the zoo.


The Celebs

Told you @jessemulligan was funny!

Hillcrest girl wins Grammy(s). Enough said?

Foodie. Funny. TV star. All-round nice guy. And he’ll always reply to your tweets.

Silverfox who makes the best food. Catch him at one of the city’s many food events and festivals in real life.

Local girl who’s now a nation-wide tween sensation with a catchy theme song. See if you can spot her around town sometime.

When he’s not on Shortie Street or Aussie hit show ‘Offspring’, you can find him hanging out at cool local cafe, Milk and Honey.

She’s the Mayor who’s got a delish drink named after her at fancypants restaurant Domaine.

This Ringside boy boxed his way to gold at the Commonwealth. We’re expecting great things.


The Young Politicos ( and what they tweet in their spare time)

@Crikarika: Christiangelina.

Cats and emojis!

Alter-ego: Christiangelina Jolie.

Breakers and Blackjack!

He’s all about the bicycles.

The Radio Personalities

Bunty’s got Ellen’s selfie so beat!

Catch this talking head weekdays 9-3pm on the Hits Waikato.

A man with a penchant for brewing and broadcasting.

The patriarch of the McAwesome family and @HashtagRadioNZ empire. Husband of @CharisMcAwesome.

Friend of the McAwesomes and co-conspirator on the award-winning Hashtag Radio.

Everyone knows who Mark Bunting is. Just follow him!


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  1. Marlon says:

    Don’t forget about me @MarloNzNewz

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