View from The Top | Seven Days of Sunset from the Highest Window in Hamilton

When a girl by the name of @CameraShai mysteriously appeared on the #lovethetron hashtag and started tweeting amazing pictures from a vantage point so insanely high that it would have even made super-stealth photographer extraordinaire Joshua Middleton blush, we were intrigued!

Who was she and how was she scaling so high each day to snap the sun rising over Hamilton? Amongst ourselves, we came up with various theories which ranged from flying drone cameras to extreme parkour abilities, to maybe having wings.

A little curious prodding and some polite Google-stalking led us to the answer that made it all make sense: her name is Tania and she’s a real-life princess! Click here if you don’t believe us! So, of course, it would make sense that, aside from having what sounds like a kick-ass day job in advertising with the Verdict and MEA crew, she’d also watch over the kingdom from the highest point in the city (and we suspect, the whole of the Waikato?).

We definitely wanted a slice of the high life (heeh-pun), and we figured you might too, so we were thrilled when she agreed to give us a little peek into life at the top!





When she’s not working up in the clouds, Tania (aka @CameraShai) spends her time on photography, travel, boxing and tattoos! Oh and her Monday nights just opened up because Game of Thrones is over, so definitely follow her on the Twitspace and keep her entertained with your best GoT one-liners!


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