Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

Ring-a-round-the-ponies: Check out @MissesArtech’s ridiculously cool creation on show at Chartwell. Apparently the ponies move and everything!

FIFA fever is at a fever pitch on Garden Place this week! Lucky @samcunnane’s sons get to play with the national team. We’re super jealous.

Newly-wed Hamilton celeb @cakeburger snaps the FIFA action from the opposite end of Garden Place.

And here’s a sport where you are allowed to use your hands: @aaron_leaman catches the six-man tag team action at @ArmageddonExpo!

Spot the New Zealand media heavyweights! @WinteMediaArts snaps another @wintecpressclub lunch at Ferrybank. We see @teradar, and someone who looks like Anna Julienne. Anyone else?

Is it just us, or are New Zealand’s coolest people always passing through the Tron? The hilarious @guywilliamsguy checks out Browsers Bookshop on Vic St. We have a sneaking suspicion he might be a fan 😉

ZOMG Beermobile! @goodgeorgebeer gets the party started at Astra Motor Lodge.

And on the topic of the George family and partying in style, @camerashai has her beer in blankets on a wintry night at Little George on Hood Street.

#NZMusicMonth was all about cool local music, and @WintecMediaArts was at #WintecLive for Drake Clarke.

Noms! Our favourite part of @NZVic’s @themavisfamily hot chocolate has to be that hot piece of Whittaker’s chocolate sitting on the saucer!

This is a …wait for it… red wine chocolate shake, topped with a delicious marscapone and chocolate dust. No jokes. It’s a real thing and it’s from @LittleGeorgeBar.

Naww, who doesn’t love receiving @minipetalz? Too pretty.

Beth at @eatandgreetblog orders the salmon hash and discovers that River Kitchen really can do no wrong!

When she said ‘happy marriage’ we thought @angelacuming was talking about @whiskycully, but turns out there’s an even happier marriage to be made between persimmons and kittens at the farmers markets!

Pretty urban mornings: @chamfy catches the city’s first rays at @themavisfamily!

Hamiltonian Serengeti: @tarasutherland wakes snaps an otherworldly sunrise at @hamilton_zoo.

We didn’t even know this part of town was so green! Not surprised @JMiddleton_imgs spotted and snapped it! Pretty sure Bishop @h_ahartley is going to be pretty stoked with this.

Who doesn’t love the Tron in winter? Love @MandySuess’s snaps of Hamilton’s prettiness.

If this isn’t proof we live in the most beautiful NZ city, then we don’t know what is! In love with new mummy @angelacuming’s montage of photos on walks with Baby Mooloo.

It may be winter, but when @gydeelaine snaps days like this at @waikato, you can’t help but wonder whether we’re having an Indian Summer.

Here’s a duck: @angelacuming adds to our ever-growing repository of duck photos. Given the local obsession with feeding/hanging out with them, we’re not complaining!

Too freakin’ cute! @nakiman visits the Tron and heads to the Modernist Gardens with his kids. We want to know where to get a lamb-eared hat like this little boy.

We didn’t know @ceriphinz was secretly harbouring a Doctor! Little Miss Barlow steps out of the tardis and off to @ArmageddonExpo. Love it.


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