This Is The Hamilton Mafia Project

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The Hamilton Mafia Project is Hamilton’s latest creative collaboration project, and it involves you!

The Hamilton Mafia* may have existed on Twitter (#hamiltonmafia) until now, but its members (Hamiltonians, ex-Hamiltonians and wannabe-Hamiltonians ) hang out beyond the Twittersphere and in all kinds of other cool and creative online spaces like blogs, comics, photography magazines, art and the arts, fashion, news and politics and all sorts of media. The Hamilton Mafia is a vocal bunch, unashamed about what they love, and unafraid of putting brave new ideas and creations out into cyberspace.

So, a crew of Hamilton Mafiosos has joined forces to make sure you see the best of Hamiltonian talent, and that Hamilton sees the best of yours!

We’ll be on the lookout to bring you who’s writing what (where and with whom), who’s got that crazy idea that might just work, who’s starting a revolution, who’s being an exhibitionist (with their art, of course -teehee), who’s putting on a show, who’s fallen victim to the latest fashion fads, who’s eating what and etc etc etc.

And that’s not all. If you’re doing any of the above (or more!) flick us a message, and in true mafia style, the Hamilton Mafia will make sure that your creation gets seen/heard/felt etc.

And…It’s on Facebook!
Zomg. Yes. We know. You’ve been asking us to get on the Faces for a while, and it’s finally come true.

Go to the Facebook page above and hit ‘like’ to keep up with what Hamiltonians are doing/thinking/creating on the interwebs, send us things you’re working on to be published. Oh and share with all your friends, of course ;).

We’re excited to join a crew of fab people, including @MissB_NZ, @hornykitten, @flibbetygibberty, @jessmolina, @georgie_pienz and @DarkroomJesse.

But watch this space, because we might be looking for more very soon! We’re just getting started..

    …Oh, And What’s This Hamilton Mafia Day We Keep Going On About On Twitter?

    It’s one year since the last Hamilton Mafia Day, when the Hamilton Twitterverse did this:

    Happy Hamilton Mafia Day, Hamilton!

    *(Not to be confused with the Italian organised crime syndicate in Canada)


2 thoughts on “This Is The Hamilton Mafia Project

  1. Great concept, being Hamilton born & bred.
    Love to hook up and contribute in anyway 🙂

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