Why We Love | Blacklisted


If there’s one Hamiltonian publication we have a crush on right now, it’s Blacklisted.

It may only be up to its second issue, but we predict great things for this culture, art and fashion magazine headed by a team of talented young Hamiltonians, (including editor: the amazing @jessmolina of #HamiltonMafia fame) with beautiful taste.

Quite refreshingly, the fledgling magazine does not -as would be expected in the age we live in -distract the reader with flashy advertisements, but rather, combines an impressive array of interesting and engaging content with a taseful retro-minimalist design aesthetic.

We love Blacklisted because it is so very clearly a labour of love for those involved, and that feeling is contagious: Naomi Johnston creates genuine rapport with her self deprecating humour in the editorial message (where, among other things, she describes herself as once looking like a ’round-faced, pudgy little Oompa Loompa), and Jess Molina’s obviously-bubbling enthusiasm for the chance to interview celebrated international illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti is easily infectious.

Replete with interviews and columns from creatives here and abroad, while playing dressups with op-shop finds and doing fancy things with organic foods, there is a real sense that the forces behind Blacklisted have produced the kind of magazine that they themselves want to see in Hamilton -and that is what gives Blacklisted so much personality.

We got our copy of Blacklisted from Browsers Bookshop from Victoria Street (and so should you, really, because they are amazing). On the topic of local magazines, we’re also really looking forward to Hamilton Zinefest coming up later in May.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Blacklisted on Facebook.


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