Toto, We’re Not in Hamilton East Anymore!

To be honest,this is only half true. The iconic Mavis & Co is still in Hamilton East, but we certainly were not in Ham East when we walked into Mavis this week!

If you’ve managed to untangle our little riddle, you will have no doubt worked out that Mavis has indeed opened a second establishment across the bridge -and in the heart of the CBD.

We walked in and immediately loved it. The all-white colour scheme (the brainchild of owner, Jane), mixed with green and warm lightning here and there (not to mention the blustery weather outside) made it feel a little like Christmas -and we certainly weren’t complaining!


Mavis the Second is inconspicuously tucked away (as are all great cafes, right Milk and Honey?) on the ground floor of the beautiful red brick Wintec building, facing the wide-open plaza of the the new PwC building. Just while we’re on the topic of said plaza, we have to say: this is officially our new favourite public square in Hamilton! While Garden Place will always undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts, we’d love to see more events -maybe outdoor movies, markets or open mic nights -at the plaza on Anglesea. But we digress.

The menu at the new Mavis is short, but eclectic and reminiscent of another great Hamilton institution: Scott’s Epicurean (okonomiyaki, or Jamaican ceviche, anyone?). Regulars at Mavis’s Bridge Street premises will recognise a similar vein of fun and interesting combinations to try.


And, of course, who is Mavis without her Clarence? Word on the street is that this new iteration of Mavis will also be open in the evenings with a brand new after-4 menu. If the friendly service and delicious fare we received during the day is anything to go by, it’s a sure bet we’ll be returning after sundown!


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One thought on “Toto, We’re Not in Hamilton East Anymore!

  1. Ree Varcoe says:

    Magical Mavis strikes again! Beautiful addition to the CBD!

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