Can You Believe It’s Christmas in Hamilton?!

It’s our #lovethetron Christmas roundup! Meri Kirihimete Kirikiriroa!

Templeview illuminated. Breathtaking, from @alexefear01

New Zealand’s largest Christmas tree on New Zealand’s prettiest town square, from @webtaniwha.

Electric, eclectic Christmas: @chamfy heads to the opening gala of Trees at the Meteor. We love the amazing pieces this year!

We #lovethetree

Dreaming of a Bright Christmas: @Sports_Billy enjoys the beautiful December weather from above at @thelandof_.

Seeing Red: Santa gives more than presents this year, with the @KidsCanNZ Santa Run along the Waikato River. This from @MOREFMWaikato.

Mini @MeganCampbell and her delicious Christmas cupcake from Girl on a Swing in Chartwell. Yum!

Meanwhile, @chamfy discovers Scrumptious Cupcakes from Fairfield at yet another Christmas ‘do.

A very special birth right in time for Christmas at Hamilton Zoo! Chur @waikatotimes.

Festive and feelgood: @madeleinesc0tt visits the Hospice Waikato memory at @centre_place.

@_JennaMarie_ and her two favourite gents @nzjosiah and @derekmasuo head to Little George to enjoy Xmas tunes from the very talented Two Gents.

Naww. Too cute. @georgie_pienz and @jessemulligan cosy up for a snap in front of the tree, during the Seven Sharp live show on Garden Place.

Home for Christmas: @MxDEJ returns to the Tron and gets his @BeigeBridgae on and enjoys the sunshine at the cricket.

After a year of fancy chapeaux for all manner of occasions, we are not surprised Captain Hamiltron has pulled out his Kris Kringle hat. We wonder if he has reindeer antlers too? This from @georgie_pienz.

@webtaniwha enjoys the decked-out halls at St Stephens Church in Tamahere.

Lunchtime Christmas Cheer: @georgie_pienz heads to Garden Place to enjoy Coral’s sweet tunes.

A quick shot of the Tree at night from an upcoming holiday special on @RetailSeries.

Gorgeous Christmas presents at Tamahere markets, from @rotowarriors!

And speaking of Christmas presents, check out this amazing gift to Melville from the talented Jeremy Shirley and the community. This from @flibertygibbety. Love.

We love the buzz on the streets of Hamilton in the leadup to Christmas. @flibertygibbety snaps these cool people playing right outside @CreativeWaikato

Hamilton decks itself out in festive green (and sunshine!) in preparation for Christmas. Gorgeous, from @swissn_

@DutchCatNZ takes the niece and neff from Dunners on a Christmas tour of the city.

Pre-Christmas kiddie fun on Garden Place. @_JennaMarie_ reckons it looks like fun -we have to concur!

Browsers is on our list of ‘must-dos’ when it comes to Christmas shopping in the Tron. Looks like @gydeelaine thinks the same!

Festive treats: @chamfy enjoys a Christmas truffle at @CoffeeandFood!

Santa’s Little Helpers: @whiskeycully gets his mail from someone on very important Santa business.

Just one more of the tree!

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