Local Talent: Victor Alexeyev

And now for something a bit different. We spotted Victor at the Milk&Honey night cafe taking photos but we had no idea just how wonderful those photos and the video he made would turn out! Safe to say they have a really hip, interesting feel that matches up perfectly with the ethos of Milk&Honey. Here are some of his photos and a bit more about the man behind the camera. Clck through to get a better look at some of these stunning local photos!

Who is Victor Alexeyev?

I am a Russian born, science loving, poetic wannabe – all the while
trying to make it photographically and still not really knowing what
I’m doing in life. Hi, nice to meet you. Do you like coffee? Me too,
lets talk!

Photographically, I’m interested in and will have a crack at the whole
scope of photography: events, wedding, portraiture, conceptual and
everything in-between. But you have to go where the money shows. So, I
mostly focus on events, portraits and conceptual (when I’m not
shooting paid work).

I like event photography because something incredible always comes
from cramming a bunch of people into a single space for a common
purpose aka community.

I like portraits because when it comes down to it, people are the
purpose of all good photographic imagery. Not to mention, that without
people whom would we have to show our photos to?

I like conceptual because there are no boundaries. Because you can be
childish without having to explain yourself or have that girl you
really like look at you in disgust and retort, “your so immature”.

Im Cambridge, Waikato based and you’ll know me by my olive green
Morris 1300. I might be that guy dragging a drum kit to the carpark
rooftop. Don’t call the cops just yet. I might be that guy in the
corner of your café scoping the joint out. And one day, someday, I
might be that guy attempting to teach science to your children in high
school – if I manage to win your child’s attention from strong
contenders as Jamie’s World and Grand Thief Auto XIV.

Feel free to drop in anytime:




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