Love The George

Whether you are a passionate monarchist or you are in vehement opposition to the hoopla that is the Windsor soap opera, it is undeniable that the word of the day is ‘George’. That got us thinking and we realised that our own little city has a pretty good track record with the name George, so with that in mind, here are our top three picks for Georges We Love in Hamilton.


Famous friends: just casually chilling with Richard O’Brien.

Yes, she’s a girl and her name isn’t just ‘George’, but she’s awesome and the name clearly transcends gender lines. And while she may share a name with a certain iconic Kiwi pie, we maintain that the best Georgie Pie is found on the Hamilton Twitterverse.

Despite not spending all of her time in Hamilton, this lady was one of the earliest adopters of the #lovethetron movement, and a passionate member of the #hamiltonmafia. Earlier this year, she headed off on a delicious holiday to sunny Rarotonga and etched both hashtags into the local graffiti walls. Dedication!

A shining star in the Waikato musicals scene, she can add musicals Chicago and Hairspray (amongst many others) to her thespian credentials. When not on stage, @georgie_pienz can be found brunching at The Food and Coffee Establishment on Hood St, or hanging out with best bud and #hamiltonmafia queen @hamiltonringrd.

Follow her on Twitter for excellent tweets about happenings on the local musicals scene, and general warm fuzzies.


We didn’t have a photo of George, but these are the cupcakes you can get from him at 2 a.m. Seriously.

This man is one of the city’s best-kept secrets, and a contender for the ‘Friendliest Man in Hamilton’ title (alongside Captain Hamiltron and Colin from Trek n Travel).

Turn up at the Pukete Z Station at 2am (confession: we are incurable night owls) on most nights, and you will meet George, the lovely old man who works behind the counter. He’s done away with the annoying ‘nightpay’ rubbish, and instead opens the doors for you to enter and help yourself to a delicious red velvet cupcake supplied from the boutique bakery, Petal. We are not quite sure when upmarket cupcakes and petrol stations got together, but we are certainly not complaining!

He also makes a mean coffee and fluffy, and always remembers how you like to have your tea. He’s always happy to have a yarn, whether it’s about the state of the Hamilton fog, or the state of your love life. He has even set up a table and some chairs cafe-style, so you can sit in and consume your cupcake and tea with friends, while retro pop music blares from the speakers.

Pop in and say hello (especially if you’re feeling nocturnal).


White ale and pizza: We’re sold!

The name says it all. This George is indeed, very good, and its self-proclaimed mission is to ‘reward drinkers with better beer’.

Being probably the only church in town that serves beer, the Good George brews its famous craft beers in the old St George’s church in Frankton. In summertime, locals flock to the brewery’s outdoor area and enjoy the delicious range of ales and ciders on offer. Now there’s a great excuse to go to church!

The Good George has quickly become a Hamilton icon and we think they make the best beer in New Zealand. There is also an ever-expanding George family: the little beer van that travels around the city, spreading delicious golden goodness, and of course, the Little George pop-up bar on Hood St. We especially love to treat ourselves to white ale and yummy pizza while sitting under the colourfully-lit canopy at the Little George.

And of course, you can follow them on the Twittersphere: @GoodGeorgeBeer

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