Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

The bright lights of Hamilton city: The talented Joshua Middleton is finally on Twitter! Follow him @joshuawolver.

@NZVic dives into these epic berryful meringues at Mavis & Co. Yum!

Fluoro fun: We headed to Artspost and checked out ‘together…’ the brilliant new exhibit by Larisse Hall.

We enjoyed lovely streetside tunes from this young man in a kilt on Victoria Street.

The bar of illumination: @hirawani sets @mexiconz on fire with 250 individual candles.

Noms! A new make-your-own-yoghurt place has just opened on Victoria Street.

Glow in the dark mini golf in the CBD. Need we say more? @tritternz heads to Centre Place to join in all the fun!

Joiy in a bottle: @webtaniwha finds a bubblicious way to pass a wet afternoon at The District.

@chamfy has an artgasm underground at the Jam Basement Cafe. We can see why! #cheekyjuxtapositions

@joshuawolver wows us with a foggy morning in the CBD.

Cute as a button! @webtaniwha discovers Miss Daisy in Claudelands.

Jean Hamiltron? Look who donned a beret for Bastille Day! This from @chamfy.

We went for a stroll around the lake on a mission to find the finest #HamiltonHousePorn, and we got very lucky!

@webtaniwha discovers more prettiness on a wet afternoon at Zinnia in Claudelands.

Funkiest soup kitchen art ever. Another reason to indulge in a steaming bowl of yummy soup from Harlem Soup Kitchen this winter.

Who knew good soup and great art were such a good fit? @WebTaniwha snaps the very talented Julian from Harlem Soup Kitchen with his Victoria Street artwork.

Is it Miami? Nope, Just Hamilton. @thekiwicanary snaps the Tron looking positively tropical despite the cold weather!

@georgie_pienz is loving the bright colours on the new Centre Place building!

Captain Hamiltron clearly has a penchant for awesome headwear, and pinches @darkroomjesse’s signature hat.

Hamilton’s ‘It Couple’: @darkroomjesse enjoys the view from the top on his date with @DutchCatNZ at Milk and Honey!

It’s a religious experience with @joshuawolver’s photography. We couldn’t resist including one more. Here’s the stunning St Peter’s Cathedral at night.

With views like these, who needs a beachfront? More lakeside #HamiltonHousePorn.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones going in search of lakeside #HamiltonHousePorn. @V8Matty snaps Tronsylvania castle on a winter morning.

@hornykitten enjoys some quiet time with some oriental fusion at Silk.

IT’S A BOY!! Hamilton lights up in blue for the #RoyalBaby.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

  1. JasonD (aka WebTaniwha) says:

    I love your weekly round-up of goodness. It just puts a smile on my dial!

    • lovethetron says:

      Thank you Jason!

      It really is the lovely people in the Tron doing all the work -some are making amazing things (and food!) happen, and others are taking photos of said amazing things (and food!). We just have the pleasure of putting it all together. Keep the fab pics coming! 🙂

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