Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our latest #lovethetron roundup!

This human statue gives Captain Hamiltron a run for his money, adds to the local street art scene and supports @ChiefsRugby at the same time. We approve!

@fresca_chat introduces their new Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate. We can’t wait to try!

Joshua Middleton captures the lights at Civic Square

Delish! @tritternz checks out the Hamilton Nightmarkets.

@gydeelaine kicks off her Sunday morning at Browser’s, the best little bookshop ever.

Talented beatboxing saxophonist Matt Bizzle plays at Sunday Sounds at @waikatomuseum. @gydeelaine was there to enjoy!

@chamfy supports local with scrumptious treats from La Rosa Latin Bakery. And they’re so pretty too!

Lovin’ the Tron from afar: Look what @georgie_pienz found in Wellington! We love her travel tweets.

All smiles: @bethanypawson indulges in mashed mung bean goodness at Momo Tea.

@councilhamilton on the beautiful grounds at Kirikiriroa Marae.

Taste like happiness: @hornykitten happens upon Scrumptious Cupcakes in Fairfield.

@domincbowden visits Claudelands and does the duckface with @jess_vandy!

@webtaniwha loves @GoodGeorgeBeer!

@nourishmagazine is impressed with the hash browns at Mr Milton’s Canteen. We can see why!

One big likefest: @councilhamilton likes @waikatotimes, who in turn really likes @hamnz_libraries!

@BookieMonsterNZ snaps Captain Hamiltron looking particularly dashing on a winter's morning.

@BookieMonsterNZ snaps Captain Hamiltron looking particularly dashing on a winter’s morning.

Everything you need for a hearty winter’s meal at @TheFarmShop1!

@webtaniwha getting his Chiefs Mana on at Waikato Stadium!

Godzone indeed: breathtaking shot from Hamilton across to Mt Pirongia, from @dfizzledizzle

Another amazing shot from @dfizzledizzle, across Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa with Mt Pirongia in the distance.

@alexfear01 braves the cold and fog to support @ChiefsRugby at Waikato Stadium.

Magic in action: thanks @kiwivalois!

Perhaps we should call this roundup the cupcakes special? @Ash__________ and @chamfy check out Scrumptious Cupcakes in Fairfield.

@chamfy does some Kenyan coffee tasting with the beautiful people at Milk and Honey!

@jonathanjcarson and @kiwiphotog get blasted at the Milk for Schools launch!

Even more cakes! @webtaniwha tempts us with these exquisite creations from Melting Moment at Garden Place. Yum.

@cakeburger sends us this pic of @FreeFM89’s epic tearoom wall. We want one too!

More from Matt Bizzle’s jazz at @waikatomuseum from @chamfy!

Lovely pic of @dutchcathnz’s daughter making the most of a rare summery day in the middle of the Waikato winter.

@hornykitten frolicks by the river, and it seems other people had the same idea too!

Totally a cupcakes special! @jaimeep89 does the Hamilton Nightmarkets. These are almost too pretty to eat!

@gydeelaine and @hornykitten do yum cha with @chamfy. Noms!

Fog and mystery on Ferrybank: @schappelli sends us this from Brenda Spiller

Ending on a cute note: @angelacuming falls in love with these piglets from @TheFarmShop1 and we can’t help but do the same. Adorabubbles!

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