Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

It’s our weekly #lovethetron roundup!

@schappelli sends us this excellent retro picture of Ferrybank. We think houseboats should make a comeback.

This is Isla Cuming and baby Buttercup, hanging out with @angelacuming, at the Bear Makers on Victoria Street. We just melted from all the cuteness

Delicious treats in the @Fresca_Chat cabinet! We approve.

@CreativeWaikato launches with a bang, and @nathstar was there to capture it!

@Darkroomjesse also visits @Fesca_Chat and gets amongst the pretty paper lanterns.

Hamilton Rising: @georgie_pienz perches up high above the city and enjoys a sunny winter morning.

@margforsythHCC watches Hamilton Girls High School’s stunning performance of the story of Matariki.

We are loving how often @DonovansChoc gets a mention on #lovethetron. @Webtaniwha indulges and concludes that the world is a better place after a piece. We concur!

@shootsbands feels lucky to be living in the Tron. So do we!

We never fail to be amazed by the natural beauty of the Tron. @maohv8 goes on a scenic drive and snaps this!

@alexfear01’s SuperMoon hangs out with other orbs in the Hamilton night.

SuperWaikatoSuperMoon from @grizeldasma.

@angelacuming sees the Super Moon and raises it a Super Sunset. Pretty!

@angelacuming dines at the Dumpling House in Hamilton East and has the best.meal.ever.

@traceycooper spots a tui in his backyard. Love it!

It’s a pretty winter’s Monday morning at @waikato. Great colours!

@DutchCatNZ snaps the Hamilton lake -still pretty, even in winter.

@chamfy works on drafting Hamilton’s Youth Action Plan and takes a pic of this goal. We totally approve. #lovethetron

@HYC_Youth celebrates our amazing community spirit with the wonderful people at Volunteering Waikato.

Spotted by @georgie_pienz: Superheros patrolling the streets of the Tron. We are super curious as to what this is about. Tweet us if you know!

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