Art at Alexandra

With creative spaces slowly but surely popping up in and around it, Alexandra St may just be transforming into Hamilton’s Art Alley. We checked out Creative Waikato’s brand new digs at 131 Alexandra St earlier today, and we are big fans.

The space is modern and bright, with a big, airy gallery on street level and offices in the loft space above. So cool! A funky mural hangs above the entrance, facing the street. We love the gallery’s spaciousness and proximity to Mr Milton’s Canteen (read: there is a doorway that leads from the lower level straight into Mr Milton’s pastel walls and scrumptious goodies). The stunning Matariki exhibit is currently showing in the space, and it is well worth a visit. And in the tradition of all good things in Hamilton -it is free to enter.

Creative Waikato joins other current Alexandra resident, Draw Inc, in providing a much-needed injection of life into a street that has, in recent times, been quite unloved. It would be amazing to see artists of all persuasions migrate onto the street and to have spaces where we -the public- can be more than mere observers of art, and instead actively participate in the creation of it. Imagine being able to walk into a place where you can make music or paint a picture on your lunchbreak -all for free. Perhaps it is an idealistic fantasy, or maybe it is possible (the giant interactive screen with piano & drums by Centre Place in the summer certainly hinted at the possibility). Art makes for happy people, so it might just be an idea worth #HamiltonDreaming about.

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One thought on “Art at Alexandra

  1. Sarah Nathan says:

    thanks for visiting @lovethetron. We love it too. So much potential for the space and the street. Dammit, if I was paying enough attention, I could have worked out who you are!

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