Introducing: Girl with the Pink Laptop

With her pink laptop and funky fashion sense, she’s an unmissable fixture on Hamilton’s cafe scene. Once a foreigner to this town, she has now joined #lovethetron as a guest blogger. This is an introduction. Watch this space for more musings on the Tron from the Girl with the Pink Laptop


“I love Hamilton!”

It is a phrase I have been known to utter but one that is met with disapproving nods, shaking of heads, and the resounding question why?

Well to that I say, why not?

I moved to New Zealand when I was 18. At that time when my dad said we were going to live in Hamilton, I had no idea where it was or what to expect. I distinctly remember driving past The Base pre-renovation and thinking that I will never survive if the biggest place to shop in town was there. I was sure that coming from a big city Hamilton was going to be a huge culture shock.

I could not be more wrong. It took me less than a month to fall in love. Surprisingly, I found the size of the city to be comforting. It amazed me how fast I could get to places, and that the traffic here was not even close to the traffic I used to experience.

I was in a foreign place ready to explore what the city has in store for me. It was exciting, scary, and fun at the same time. Three years later and I am proud to say that Hamilton really feels like home for me now. There are still a lot of places to see and things to discover that I am looking forward to.

So who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell (Gossip Girl reference, anyone?). I’m just a girl wandering the streets of this beautiful city armed with words and my pink laptop.

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One thought on “Introducing: Girl with the Pink Laptop

  1. kaja says:

    I have had the same experiences every time I said I love Hamilton. To me, the size was comforting as well, I knew where to go to get certain things, people were friendly, I found work, I loved the riverside walk, it’s not too expensive, church communities are strong and open for everyone to join, you can get to any place on the North Island in a couple of hours … I can’t wait to go back in October!

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