Guest Blog: Monday Nights at the Cinema

We have been big fans of the Lido in Hamilton since it first opened. When we noticed that one of our regular followers, Stephen Doran, was tweeting about the Hamilton Film Society, we were intrigued. So naturally, we asked if he would write a post about it!

The pretty surrounds of the Lido Cinema, where the Hamilton Film Society meets.

Photo: Irvine Carpet Design

Hey, look over here!
Monday night isn’t usually the biggest on the cultural calendar, particularly during winter, but head into the warmth of the Lido that night and you’ll experience one of the Tron’s best kept secrets.

Between March and November every year, Monday at eight sees the plush cinema host the Hamilton Film Society (link ), which offers a weekly selection of hand-picked movies covering every genre and spanning the globe.

A full membership of the society is $125, but as that works out about $3.80 a movie, it makes even cheap Tuesday look expensive.

It’s an absolute bargain, in both senses. You’re getting probably the cheapest movie tickets in town, but in turn you’ve got to put some trust in the society that they’ll put on something that will entertain you.
In a world of trailers showing the entirety of the movie, seeing something you’ve probably never seen before is a rare luxury, and letting someone who knows more about movies than you chose for you is great to break you out of your old viewing habits.

Their selection of movies won’t fail to amaze you, surprise you and occasionally appal you, but it will always offer an intelligent alternative to Dude, I lost my scary movie in a fast and furious hangover 23 at the multiplex.

What is guaranteed is that you’ll see things you’ve never seen before, and in a change from the pin sharp digital projection that now the norm it’s also one of the rare places you can still see films projected from celluloid.

So far this season we’ve seen a dictatorship overthrown with the power of a catchy jingle, an unconventional tale of longing legionnaires in the desert, a surprising amount of unexpected dancing, Juliette Binoche as a homeless person water skiing down the Seine and a memorable outing from Diana Dors’ most notable assets.

Coming on Monday we have a trilogy of new German cinema, later in the year a little seen adaptation of Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s Tony Takitani and dozens of other hidden gems.

So what else are you going to do on Monday?

To join just turn up a bit before eight and see the folk at the table. If you want to dip your toe in, you can also get a 3-film sampler ticket for $30, which you can then claim back against the price of a full membership if you like what you see. For more info see

Neither we nor Stephen were plied with treats, monies or other goodies by Lido Cinemas, the Hamilton Film Society (or anyone else) in the making of this blogpost.

For more film-related funtimes, follow Stephen at @stepdoran, and also follow the Lido at @LidoHamilton.

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