Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 31st May!

The meerkats at Hamilton Zoo were feeling the cold, and yet still managed to be so cute! Thanks @waikatotimes

Brilliant colours of autumn in Hamilton from @Sports_Billy!

@gsrwrc spots a lightbox robot in the CBD!

Another lightbox robot from @gsrwrc.This one made us lol!

@whiskycully calls it edible art. So many colours at the Delicate Bakehouse on the north end of Victoria Street!

Electric ice creams! @chamfy sends us this neon caravan from the Hamilton Nightmarkets.

@hornykitten is in tart heaven at the Hamilton Nightmarkets!

@webtaniwha escapes the rain and cold at the chic and cosy Lido Cinema

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Celeb-Spotting #1: Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones hangs out at @mexiconz

Look at the loot! The @MK1Comics stall at Armageddon.

Celeb-Spotting #2 (and it’s a triple-whammy!): The voice of Lisa Simpson @yeardleysmith hangs out at Armageddon with Mitch Pileggi from Supernatural and Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones!

Talented @cakeburger creates Adventure Time fanart at Armageddon! Amazeburger.

Celeb-Spotting #3: Seems these guys can’t get enough of Hamilton. @jonoandben are back in the Tron for a second week, and @HashtagRadioNZ was there to snap them!

@darkroomjesse makes friends with a roving Dalek at Armageddon!

Noms! @webtaniwha celebrates #HamiltonMafiaDay with decadent treats at Mavis & Co.

@_JennaMarie_ dines at delicious Domaine. We are very jealous!

More delicousness from @DonovansChoc, who takes the finest chocolate, made in Hamilton, to the Wellington food show. Yum!

@webtaniwha has coffee with a view and a social conscience at Milk & Honey

She may have missed #HamiltonMafiaDay, but she was still thinking of us while in sunny Raro: @georgie_pienz adds to the local wall art!

Closer to home, @angelacuming spots funky wall art near the Fairfield Bridge!

Celeb-Spotting #4: @DanCarter twitpics during practice at Waikato Stadium

Amazing sunset through the fog in Gordonton from @Dynelle

Mixing farming and fashion: We wonder if @VerdictComms has channelled Christian Louboutin with their red-soled Fieldays gumboots?

Meanwhile… the ring-tailed lemurs at Hamilton Zoo are soaking up the sunshine. Thanks @nzzooboy for sending this in!

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