We Built This City: 6 Months of Lovin’ The Tron!

6 months of lovethetron

A little something special for you guys

Last Sunday was a really special day for us, as it marked 6 months of the lovethetron movement. But what made it particularly special is the fact that it also became #HamiltonMafiaDay.

The lovethetron movement is something that we -a group of young people -started last November as a way to document how great it is to live in this city. Since then, it has snowballed fully into a collaborative community project and we have been blown away by how willing people have been to embrace it.

Hundreds of people from Hamilton, other parts of New Zealand, and the rest of the world follow us on Twitter, use the #lovethetron hashtag and read this blog regularly. We are regularly sent stunning photos, amusing vignettes, guest blogs and all kinds of tips to do with Hamilton city.

Having learned all kinds of weird and wonderful things about the Tron and we are now convinced more than ever that there is even more to discover in our little city than we first thought. The number one lesson that we have learned over the past six months, though, is this: that people actually really do love the Tron!

How much people really love Hamilton was especially evident on Sunday, which was declared by some of our followers to be Hamilton Mafia Day, to coincide with our 6-month birthday. The Hamilton Mafia are basically a group (which we are really stoked to be a part of) of Hamilton tweeters that sprang up quite randomly via Twitter a few months ago, and have been accumulating members. The Hamilton Mafia is entirely Tweeter-driven, and to paraphrase how one member (ping @darkroomjesse) put it: the Hamilton Mafia is for people who love the Tron and are proud to say so. The Mafia traditionally ‘run’ a city, and this is the chance to do that, but for good!

On Hamilton Mafia Day, many Hamiltonians changed their display picture to this little creation (a collaborative effort by @HamiltonRingRd and @hornykitten), and tweeted on the hashtag #HamiltonMafiaDay. It was amazing to see how many people were getting in on the action, both from within and outside of Hamilton, wishing each other a happy Hamilton Mafia Day and generally getting in on the positive vibes!

As for us, it was the best.birthday.ever. The collage above is a little something from us to all of you guys. Over the past 6 months, we have accumulated hundreds of photos -from you and from our own adventures around the city. This collage is a collection of some of the highlights and a visual representation of the collective efforts of everyone who contributes on the #lovethetron hashtag.

We live in a city that was built by ordinary people with extraordinary passion. We can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!


2 thoughts on “We Built This City: 6 Months of Lovin’ The Tron!

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    Happy Birthday #lovethetron!

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