Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 22nd May!

LOVING these Hamilton city scenes coming through! This breathtaking birds-eye shot from @ChasingTimeFilm.

@WMSSAssoc catches leaves falling on Waikato University grounds.

@webtaniwha is happy the drought is over because we have our colourful fountains back!

@chamfy does some virtual wall art (we wonder if this is for @jessemulligan or for the new Carls Jr?)

Celeb Tweet #1: @guywilliamsguy chills out with Riff Raff after a day of filming with Jono and Ben in Hamilton (celeb-spotting triple-whammy?).

Pretty pretty boat ramp on the banks of the Waikato River -from @WriteOnNZ!

Might be the prettiest sushi bar ever. @sukh_takhar enjoys Kino sushi on Casabella lane.

@angelacuming recommends going for a walk around suburbia to enjoy falling leaves.

@hornykitten goes for a stroll through the Medici Gardens at the Hamilton Gardens.

Just another day in paradise for @pencarrowstud!

Just another day in paradise for @pencarrowstud!

Blast from the past: @WaikatoRugby reminded us that on 17 May 1988, Waikato beat Wales 28-19! Pictured is Waikato wing James Goldsmith scoring a touchdown.

Noms! @chamfy indulges in Bounty Bar cake from the Coffee and Food Establishment.

Celeb Tweet #2: @jessemulligan hangs out in the Tron and is taken by the beauty of our colourful trees!

@angelacuming goes to the movies at the world’s prettiest cinema (who also happen to be on twitter now: @lidohamilton).

Shepherd’s delight: @thekiwicanary loves red skies at night.

We love it when people send us artwork! This little gem is a collaborative effort from @hamiltonringrd and @hornykitten.

@darkroomjesse wakes up to this every morning. We are certainly envious!

Celeb Tweet #3 (and a double-whammy!): @idodrent hangs out with international illusionist @dansperry at Milk & Honey.

Anyone know a cute blue monster missing a hand?? @angelacuming may have found it for you!

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