The Talented Mr Middleton

Sun setting on the Hamilton CBD.

Joshua Middleton is my new obsession. I only just discovered this incredibly talented, self-taught Hamiltonian photographer after last week’s photo of Artspost in the fog, which went positively viral on social media. I am, however, atoning for being slow on the uptake by immersing myself in as much of his work as humanly possible.

His images range from the haunting to the surprisingly comical to the startlingly beautiful. What is most impressive is his ability to capture the many perspectives of the deserted streets of early morning Hamilton, before the city comes to life, in a manner that is dynamic and very much alive. It’s almost as though the city woke up while we were all sleeping, just to pose for him.

His portraits of all of his subjects -the young, the old, the homeless, the affluent, the beautiful and the unconventionally beautiful -are compelling. From each wrinkle of the forehead to each twinkle of the eye, every one of these faces tells a different story, and each of their stories form part of Hamilton’s story.

You can see more of his brilliant work on his Facebook page, and his Google+ page.

Victoria St.

Momento on the corner of Hood St and Victoria St.

Captain Hamiltron proves to have a sense of humour.

The faces and stories of Hamilton city.

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3 thoughts on “The Talented Mr Middleton

  1. hornykitten says:

    Reblogged this on Talking Under Random Dribble and commented:
    This guy has an amazing eye. So glad #lovethetron has chosen to profile him this week!

  2. hornykitten says:

    Middleton is the man! I have no idea who he is but those are some amazing photos he has taken. What a talent(I’m jealous!)!

  3. Boris says:

    Incredibly talented self taught photographer Hamilton can be proud to call their own

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