Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron for the week ending 7th May!

Buzzy! @georgie_pienz and light painting at Chartwell!

@KIWIreviews sends us this pic of lush apples above the courthouse

Tehehe. We love a cafe with a sense of humour! @gavyn snaps the sign outside Demi-Urgos.

@mcomwaikato catches @waikato University basking in a lovely autumn glow.

Love it! We were sent in this little gem from @wugga. Totally love getting photos as presents.

Student life: @chamfy gets creative and uses @waikatotimes as wrapping paper.

@angelacuming loves Sunday mornings at the Hamilton Farmers Market

@sukh_takhar sends in this of a clear Hamilton morning -and a welcome respite from the rain!

Browsers now does postcards! We are big fans!

Also on the topic of bookshops, @KIWIreviews meets an awesome bibliophile in Cambridge. Protip: Say hi to Herb when you visit.

Telling Tales: Fantastic exhibit on at the Calder & Lawson gallery at @waikato. Protip: Chill out afterwards in the cafe overlooking the lake and listen to amazing classical music that plays there all day long.

Another one from @MCOMWaikato chilling out on the beanbags at the university library. Looks comfy!

@bosco_boo enjoys the sunshine with a stroll around Tamahere and a drink at Punnet!


2 thoughts on “Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

  1. Thanks for including two of our Instagram photos! What a great blog… every town should have one like this!

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