The Balloons Special: Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

Weekly round-up of #lovethetron and Balloons Over Waikato for the week ending 8th April!

@BrianTCutting spots an early-morning balloon over cabbage trees.

Never too early for a Good George Beer! @tarasutherland wakes up to the Good George balloon whizzing past.

The ridiculously early morning wakeup was so worth it to see five balloons lift off from Claudelands, together!

Massive envy for @AngelaOlearyHCC who got to actually ride in a balloon! Stunning view of the sun rising over the Tron!

@HamiltonRingRd was also flying high -and look what she found! Churr @FlyAirNZ!

@angelacuming spots a giant fireman bobbing over rooftops.

@wugga captures this patchwork balloon just casually lounging around in Garden Place.

Looks like you didn’t have to be inflated to get airtime during Balloons Over Waikato! Snapped by @BrianTCutting.

@missB_nz braves the rain to join throngs of revellers at an epic nightglow!

Firework fun from @webtaniwha

@mcsa_waikato also joins in on the fireworks and festivities.

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2 thoughts on “The Balloons Special: Can You Believe It’s Hamilton?!

  1. hornykitten says:

    Some amazing photos in there! Looks like Hamilton has some amazing tweeter!-photographers as well as events!

  2. hornykitten says:

    Reblogged this on Talking Under Random Dribble.

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