The lovethetron movement was featured in the Waikato Times this week, and we are totally buzzing!

The Times is super cool for choosing to profile the movement and generate even more discussion around our lovely little city. Since the article was published, so many more people have come out of the woodwork to tell us how much they love Hamilton!

When we first started, we thought it was just a handful of us that liked Hamilton but clearly we have been proven wrong (and we are more than happy to be!). It seems that there are even more people out there thinking the same thing that every one of you who tweets on #lovethetron has been saying, and they’re keen to join in the Tronfest too! Wow.

Our regular followers will know that it is a bit of a tradition for us to eat cake whenever anything great happens (basically one gigantic excuse to eat cake!), so of course we felt that this was a perfectly good enough reason to have the best.cake.ever.

Naturally, we headed to Frankton.

For a while now, we have been waxing lyrical about Boutique Cakes to anyone who will listen. Located off Commerce Street in the heart of the village, Boutique is one of the Tron’s best-kept secrets and a must-stop for anyone taking a tiki-tour through the old railway town. It is as a cake shop should be: positively magical.

Their cake room (yes! An entire ROOM filled with cakes) is a menagerie of the whacky, the whimsical and the wonderful. More traditional, multi-tiered wedding cakes share the space with volcanoes in the process of erupting (truly-they made edible volcanic ash being propelled into the sky). With every inch taken up with delicious creations of all shapes, sizes and colours, the cake room is heaven for the sweet tooth and the food-porn voyeur.

In the cafe-proper, it’s all about the chocolate and caramel. On our last visit, we sampled their divine chocolate-caramel cheesecake. This time around, we had the delicious chocolate-caramel mudcake and green tea, while sitting at the cute little tables outside the shop. The owner brings it all out himself, and we think it is a nice touch that the tea is served in an adorable wicker basket lined with red and white gingham.

The cake itself is to die for. We bite into the perfect confluence of moist chocolatey goodness and light, fluffy cake sandwiching runny golden caramel.It is sinfully heavenly and every cliched term used to describe food (mostly ‘orgasmic’) comes to mind. We are salivating just thinking about it now.

Boutique Cakes has all the rustic charm of the Hamilton of an era gone by. The decor is kitsch and a little random. We love the doll’s house that sits at one corner of the shop, proudly furnished and awaiting the arrival of its Lilliput inhabitants to devour the tiny food (down to the most minute detail!) set out on the table. The shop is enough to bring out the 8-year old girl in even the staunchest of manly men.

Visiting Boutique Cakes is always a complete experience for all the senses. We really couldn’t have thought of a better (or more delicious) way to mark this latest milestone.

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