Guest Blogger Friday: An Ode to the Tron

Recently I was called upon
to share what I love about the Tron
I thought sharing photographs would say it with ease
have a look at these, if you please:

On the outskirts we have Taitua Arboretum
If your dog is on a leash, the Council say we will let ém
A beautiful walk is the easy way
And autumn colours take your breath away.


Dining out we’ve got it all
From very smart to very small
Any cuisine, absolutely anything
Your palate is all you need to bring.


I know Hamilton is sometimes set upon
and here is a collage of why I love the Tron
I may travel to see other sights
But home is where my heart is and where I want to spend my nights
I am an outside person normally
And living in the Tron makes that so easy.



Irene Field is the proud new grandmother of a beautiful baby girl!

Follow her at @irenenz and check out her awesome blog at



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