Becoming a Locavore

Getting dressed frantically in order to fit all the relaxing in then strolling down the Hamilton Farmers market in Claudelands, stopping by a cafe on the way for breakfast and browsing the vegetables, sampling the apricots cheeses and Macadamias and finally picking up pasta and some seasonal greens for lunch is the perfect way to spend a morning. It’s what I did when I lived in Europe and it is really nice that it is what I can do living in Hamilton. The way to spend a perfect afternoon however is to then cook all of the delicious food and have a picnic while chatting about the party the night before. Bring on summer and days full of markets and fresh food.

After Christmas and New Years, we will be visiting the markets again and will be taking some photos of all the Hamiltonians who dress like they should be on the Sartorialist, starting our new series on how good Hamilton Street Style is, so these markets are definitely the place to be if you love good style, people watching and amazing food… might see you there?!/

Also check out our twitter for more ideas of local businesses, besides the market, to buy amazing Christmas presents from

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One thought on “Becoming a Locavore

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