The Summer of the Blueberry

I have always had a little bit of a fascination with street food. Growing up in one of the great old cities of the world, I have vivid memories of walking hand-in-hand with my mother down grand boulevards, flanked on either side by street vendors hawking all sorts of weird and wonderful treats. However, thanks to my germ-phobic mother who was paranoid about cholera germs conspiring against her, I have absolutely no memory of ever tasting anything from a street-side stall.

So now that I am all grown up, one of my ongoing acts of rebellion is to eat as much street food as I can. With street food slowly, but very surely, taking hold in Hamilton (Kathi rolls, gelato stalls, the potato wagon etc) -not to mention the CRAZY number of markets happening every weekend in and around the Tron (I counted six last weekend, and managed to go to four)-I’m revelling in the opportunity to really enjoy as much street food as I can this summer.

My favourite at the moment is the Monavale blueberry kiosk at Garden Place. I am as much obsessed with the concept of a blueberry-only kiosk as I am with the blueberries themselves. To me, there is something eternally quaint and charming about a lone lady selling fruit, ice cream and baking on a civic square, and that is exactly what the kiosk is.

Along with fresh blueberries, the little wooden kiosk -on the Victoria Street side of the square- presents a delectable array of blueberry-based treats like ice cream cones, juices, muffins, waffles and pies to choose from. Depending on when you go, you might even be able to get a Dutch-style Rookworst in a bread bun with mustard and sauce – a random but nevertheless welcome addition to all the blueberry fun!

I find that a tub of blueberry sorbet is a fresh and fantastic accompaniment to a walk about town on a warm,sunny day, while their delicious waffles with blueberry sauce and cream are best enjoyed sitting on the wooden chairs and tables set up right outside the kiosk. Sitting there also has the added advantage of soaking up all of the great summer vibes at Garden Place.

Being absolutely bonkers for blueberries, it is paramount that the fridge in my little apartment is always well-stocked with punnets of blueberry goodness, and the best thing about the kiosk (apart from being about a 2-minute walk from my place) is that (as street food should be), at $10 for three punnets, it is ridiculously cheap!

With the days getting longer and warmer, I am predicting that, for me, this will be a sweet, blueberry-flavoured summer rebellion in the Tron.

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2 thoughts on “The Summer of the Blueberry

  1. hornykitten says:

    Fruit in the Tron is ammmaaaazzzinng! Perfect food to enjoy sitting in the square, or by the river, in Hamilton. So glad you posted about this!

  2. […] are so many amazing providers like the blueberry shop in Garden Place which we talked about here, the Hamilton Farmers Market […]

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