Hamilton East Heritage


IMG_0008IMG_0036IMG_0020IMG_0001IMG_0038IMG_0012IMG_0006IMG_0039IMG_0042A Saturday whirlwind trip to the Grey St. markets, The Hamilton East Heritage festival and finally Tea at Beale cottage.

It brought back a lot of memories for me, having spent all of my formative years in this vibrant, historic part of Hamilton and I enjoyed sitting in Steele Park, eating a crepe, listening to the Big Muffin Serious Band play bluegrass on tea chests and maple syrup cans, a bit of a change from generic Saturday mall visits or sleeping in. The tug of war was particularly funny and I was tempted to buy all the cheese, candy floss and handmade soap for sale, but managed to resist, opting for a visit of one of Hamilton’s oldest houses instead and some tea with cake and club sandwiches. Beale Cottage still belongs to a descendent of Dr. Beale and I fell in love with it, from the peeling wall paper, to the tiny doors and sloping rooms, it was just like a doll’s house, for grown ups. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about modernity and get up to all the revelry and mischief that comes with a fair.

Check out the Big Muffin Serious Band at http://www.muffin.net.nz/muffin/Home_Page.html and for more information of historic Hamilton I definitely recommend the Happening Hamilton exhibit at the Waikato Museum http://www.waikatomuseum.org.nz/

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