Art by Surprise

I live in the centre of the city and I like to think that I am generally aware of all the cool things happening in the CBD (and there are a lot of incredibly cool things happening all the time), so walking down Alexandra Street just now and happening upon two pop-up art galleries that I did not know about was a pleasant surprise!

Draw Inc has two temporary showrooms displaying fresh, vibrant painting and sculpture, to coincide with the annual Wintec Media Arts Showcase. The bad news is that the exhibition is only open until tomorrow, but the good news is that if you drop everything to go to 113 Alexandra Street right now and have a look, you are in for a treat. Also, as an added bonus, it is right next door to Mr Milton’s Canteen.

In my defence, I did not know Draw Inc was happening because I am currently off Facebook (where it seems the majority of promotion of the event seems to have happened). And in defence of promoting on Facebook and thus missing those of us who dare to defy Lord Zuck: PLEASE KEEP DOING IT! I loved coming across something I had no idea about, and then being able to delight in the discovery as much as in the artwork itself.

We are fortunate to live in a city that is teeming with talented young artists, but this exhibition speaks more than just that. Its temporary nature is genius. It finds and makes excellent use of the much-moaned-about vacant shop-fronts and turns them into places that revitalise the city. By being  ever-changing and thought-provoking and -most importantly -free to enter, it is accessible to everyone and anyone and it provides a much-needed break to the normal hum-drum routine of inner-city life.

To discover that in our supposedly little city, one can never know exactly what’s around the corner – well, that’s one reason why I love the Tron.

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